Nemesis | 10s3p 25R | SK3 6374 192kv | VESC | Space Cell Enclosure | Abec 11 90mm |

All the parts of my new board are starting to come in and as i get everything working i wanted to make a build thread about it

Setup 10s3p Samsung 25r Possible 6374SK3 192KV or Other similar motor Enertion Space cell enclosure Enertion VESC Enertion 12mm Pulley Abec 11 90mm Flywheels

This build is a upgrade from my old build with a APS 5065 and 6s lipo, so keen to see how it turns out.

Right now im thinking of ideas for a switch and a new remote for my setup. I also need to finalise my battery setup, Spot welding. sleds etc.

Thanks for reading, photos coming soon



What happened to that motor? :cry:

Got scraped along the ground when first in use due to having paris trucks and mount, i later fixed it by using a bolt but yeah… haha

you’re going to enjoy this upgrade. i ran a 5065 on 8s and it was suprisinly nice. but the same setup with a 6354 wow! 6374 is even better, not sure its worth the extra weight tho…

Yeah I can’t wait. I’m also going from 6s to 10s. And from boat esc to Vesc :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

They arrived :slight_smile:


cant think of the right analogy but it is a serious upgrade.

get a motor from one of the group buys if you haven’t already. it seems like i’m the only one, but i don’t trust sk3’s anymore.

Why’s that? none of 6374 group buys are from aus and shipping is like a solid 50usd

I had 2 6374’s fail in the same way. a weakness most/all esk8 motors dont have.

the one just popped up for sealed 5065, maybe see if they will add in some 63’s. or ordering from china directly might be cheaper…

we were originally going to get 6374 but they had 10mm shaft, so i opted out for the 5065, seems you got unlucky with the sk3, il see what i end up getting tho, i could get an enertion 6355 but id prefer 6374

it seems the 5065’s on 10s are pretty good. I took a quick ride on one with chaka’s motor.

i’m using a single 6355 on 8s/12s lipo and its still really nice. honestly I don’t think the vesc can handle enough power to need a 74. maybe vesc 6.0

unless you are offroad or a very heavy rider…but then dual is the way to go anyways…

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you reckon i should just go for a enertion 6355 then? (melbourne seller)

I am enjoying mine. I can still take off from standstill. no hills can stop me with 97mm clones/14/36T. (might gear for more speed soon with 8s)

8s/12s == 23mph/27+ But i am only 160lb…

Ended up getting the sk3 6374. It arrived today. Much bigger then I imagined :slight_smile:


Big Boys need Big Toys


Hope you can keep that bad boy shinny. Looks great. Id be polishing up after every ride.

I’ve already got finger smudges all over it​:sweat::sweat: Il have to clean it before I use it