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Hello all,

I was reading this forum quite long time and now I`m ready to start my own build.
Can you check it?
This will be my firs ever longboard, so starting with single drive and 6s setup.

GT2B transmiter - Black Wolf mod
2x ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S
vesc motor controller
SK3 6364 245kv
15T HTD5M motor pulley
40T HTD5M drive pulley
HTD5 15mm timing belt
83mm wheels with ABEC bearings
Paris 180mm trucks
Longborad - plywood and CNC
Motor mounting aluminum plate, 5-6 mm

Can you tell me what range I will get? In forums I found about 8 miles with 20mph top speed. I`m realy not so heavy (about 60kg - 135 pounds) and will not drive as crazy… Also I have some hills, but its about 5-10%, that power system will make it?
And one last q - will 15mm belt fit with 180mm trucks and wheals?

Thank you for your answers.
Very nice forum!

That’s a great build list. My only suggestion would be looking at 3s 8000man batteries. You’ll get more range.

Yes, thanks.
I`m thinking about 2x4S 5000mah setup or add later 2 more 3s 5000mah batteries to get 6s 10000mah setup. Or I will get 2x 3S 8000mah.

Can someone tell me about 15mm belts and trucks fit?
Thank you.

Wont fit unless you modify your trucks and use spacers on your wheels.

Not exactly…

If you look at torqueboard’s welded motor mounts, they are on paris trucks and have 15mm belts.

15mm will fit but depends how big your mounts are…

My welded mount is only 6mm so it can fit much larger belts. Bolt on motor mounts you want at least 10-15mm in thickness so that most definitely limits your belt size especially if you are running a dual motor setup.

If you are a running a single a 15mm might be good enough.

Jason’s idea for 12mm pulleys is a great idea as well. I should have some 12mm pulley and belt options shortly.

Are we talking about paris or caliper trucks? Because mine wont fit even 9mm belts with out grinding down the trucks into a cylindrical shape so the motor is mounted parallel to the wheel.

My clamp for my mounts is only 6mm thick @torqueboards . Do you see an issue with that? So far I haven’t had any issues or negative feedback. No alignment or fit issues either.

Are you using a welded motor mount or a bolt on one?

I think the 15mm belts work best with either a welded motor mount, or the bolt on one by @psychotiller

I know enertion’s mount is especially thick (with the CF plate and aluminum bracket) and probably wouldn’t work without some modification to the hanger.

Not too sure about the thickness of torqueboard’s mount.

TQB has a thick mount and needs 195mm trucks or filed down 180mm
Maybe I just have weird paris trucks

it also depends what wheel you have, if its center set you have less space, if its offset like the kegel orangutang you have more space.

If you have just one motor you could easily go 15mm+ … the sky is the limit when you DIY. If you have two motors on the same hanger that is when you start to get limited, unless you have really short (<50mm) barrel length motors.

@psychotiller - I think 6mm is thick enough. I just like to make mine thicker just because.

@NNGG - I have new smaller truck adapter which fits on 180mm Paris.

Seeing as @onloop is busy with his business I’ll repost this in all the threads that don’t follow the guidelines quoted by onloop here:

In order to make the “E-board Builds” category really easy to search & locate specific builds i am asking that you change your title to something descriptive that better expresses the makeup of your build.
Most of the new build threads tend to end up with a name such as
"new- noob - noobie - beginner - first - build - help - newb" this becomes hard to keep track of.
I would like to see each build thread with a descriptive title, such as;
Project Name | Deck Name | Trucks | Motor type | Mounting method | Voltage/Battery | ESC
The Samurai | Custom Deck | Paris Trucks | R-SPEC | Custom Mount | 10S | VESC

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Thanks for all info, I will look around and check fit. Will post all info about my build there.

Very sorry for double post, just I need to ask before ordering belts and pulleys.

Im thinking about **67-70 mm center to center distance**, so I get about **280 mm belt lenght**. Im using 40T and 15T pulleys and 83 mm wheels with 6364 motor.
I`m ok with that numbers?

It depends on your motor mount and where you have your holes at.


Actual… is what you are looking for… You adjust the belt size depending on what you want your center distance to be…

Thank you for link.

Now I changed a mind a bit.
I got support from my workplace, so now we are making 2 mountainboards with 12S, VESC, 6374 and so on. I will post about that.

For now I made timelapse about making BadWolf mod.