Never Summer El Jefe | 10S1P 26650 | Ollin VESC | Tacon 245kv | Psycho Mount | 80mm Kegels

I guess now is as time as any to start a build thread.

This has been an ongoing project since late January. Due to various painful delays this board still resides on my kitchen table :cry:. The parts are as follows:

  • NS El Jefe Deck
  • Caliber 2s
  • Kegel Wheels
  • Bones Reds Bearings
  • 2x 5s1p 26650 Batteries in series
  • OllinBoards VESC
  • TB 14T Motor Pulley/36T Wheel pulley
  • Tacon 245kv
  • Psychotiller Mount (delayed)
  • Custom Kydex Enclosure (Heat gun + time = ?)
  • GT2B
  • 10s BMS (eventually)
  • XT90s on/off

I’m building this in hopes that I can commute the 3 miles one-way to work and back and do various other errands around town. This would also save me from having to ride the shitty Washington DC Metro everyday (those unfamiliar please visit for highlights).

Most of the heavy lifting has been done on this project. I’m currently just waiting for a shim from psychotiller so that the mount can be fit securely. After that, I should be able to throw some wires together and take my first test run.



More pictures of “progress”

Making the enclosure ^. Final result expectations low.

Workspace assembling batteries.

it moves!


Can’t wait for some pictures of this.

In Chicago the summer never begins so lucky you

Also I got some pyscho tiller mounts less than 5 miles on them. Powder coat black

very sweet!

a123 cells I’m assuming to handle to higher amperage required by a 2p pack?

nah hes rocking basen A123 dont look like that plus because he has a vesc he can run those basens which have a 40a continuous output as a single

@scrant I’m interested in seeing a Kydex enclosure I’ve often thought it would be a good material for esk8, but wondered if it is sturdy enough. Keep us posted!

@treenutter - I’ve tried Kydex. Kydex is pretty good if thick enough. Fairly similar to ABS just easier to heat up and mold. They use it for gun and knife holders.

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Yeah the main enclosure i’m building is out of .118 kydex which feels like overkill. I also have so .028 lying around to do a simple motor/belt debris shield later down the road.

I just installed the shim for my psycho mount. I’m not entirely confident in this resolution but it’s on there.

Now onto the next issue - why a 255mm belt is too large. Am I missing something here?

No exactly ecstatic about waiting at least another week on parts.

I have 5 different builds. 3 different belt sizes. Too many combinations of pulleys, and center to center distances to have 1 belt fit all of them.

That’s why the center distance calculator is so important to all of us. In 5m, if you divide the length of the belt 255 by 5 you get the number of teeth.

I wasn’t assuming any ol’ belt length would work. I went with the size you suggested for a 14t/36t setup in another thread.

I figured there was enough adjustment on the mounts to accommodate. Whoops.

Somethings weird then…Are you using 14/36?. Stand by.

Finally done! I was able to get everything thrown together and working smoothly!

I placed everything into my wonky kydex enclosure and mounted it to the deck using a second set of skate hardware. The initial idea was to use tnuts and epoxy them in for a cleaner look, but with one quick mistake with the drill - I was through the deck and looking at other options. I also gave up on the psycho mount and went over to the tb v4 option. I just couldn’t get the psycho mount to have a good clamp on the hanger. The width of the v4 mount of the truck is much wider and feels rock solid now that it’s mounted.

Also, I had a crazy simple idea to throw a volt meter onto a male charging plug as aneeded as-needed fuel guage. I can leave it in and ride or just check it before and after my trip.

Time for pics


nice build

where i can buy a motor? in all sites is out of stock… can you share me any link to buy a motor for my longboard? (no more 80$ please) thanks guys

If we can’t find them cheaper …it’s highly doubtful that you will…

battery pack photos?

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How wide is the narrowest point of the board? The NS el jefe?

@scrant if you don’t mind me asking, how did you manage to wire it so that you can charge without taking the batteries out? Is there a diagram?

@kyo It is 8.5inches wide in the center of the board.

I was surprised when I measured just now. I wear a US 11 shoe and usually like riding wider boards and the El Jefe is plenty. The concave is aggressive too.

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