Never Summer Reaper | Dual TB 6355 | 10S4P Modular Travel-Safe battery | ABEC 11 97MM

Hello guys, this is going to be my second build, I can’t stop enjoying this addictive hobby, the joy of the build process and the expectations to see the finished e-board are pumping my ethusiasm.

Sometime ago I saw a thead from @Spec fell in love with the Never Summer Reaper deck, the shape was sweet, so that build was an inspiration.

The board:

Caliber 44 trucks with 6355 Polar motors, TB mounts and pulley kit

ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels


Samsung 25R Batteries

Custom 10S4P modular travel-safe battery Samsung 25R cells

Custom slim enclosure, shaped to the NS Reaper surface and curves

The prototype:

The final flexible enclosure

I hope to finish this board this weekend and post updates so you can see the final result.


love the enclosure!

I’m sure you could sell some if you want to justify this highly addicting hobby a little bit more :wink:


Cool battery Idea !

Love it! Enclosure looks so nice! love the battery setup aswell! Good job :smiley:

Thai is a sick build, nice work

Best deck :+1: Best wheels :+1: Best enclosure :+1: Best motors :+1:


Heatwrapping individual packs

They didn’t look as clean as I expected, so I might redo them tomorrow

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Nice build and amazing finish on the enclosure. Only thing I am a bit worried about is the thin connection you used for the batteries.

yep! A good standard is two layers of 0.15 nickelstrips

That flexible battery blew my mind. I’ve been trying to figure out how to wire a 10s4p in such a way that I can break them apart if I want to travel by plane so I can bring my electric board with me. I’m going to try that build in my next board.

Awesome looking build there!!!

Do you solder the second strip on top of the first the same way as on the cells?

I soldered the nickel strips directly at the cells, so they are not overlappped with each other, I’m confident the connection is pretty solid

@jga yep. Just two layers ontop of the cell. @Eboosted yep it looks solid, but the connection might be too thin for the current.

W concave board eh? That’s been an intriguing form factor, seems like its more ergonomic for standing on the board for long periods, and better leverage for turning… they seem rare though

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Uhm. That made me wonder…

If I solder an additional strip I might heat up the cells more, I wonder what would be an alternative. I may give the strips a try.

@osbor the NS Reaper is know to be a really good deck for speed, the W shape would give me plenty of confidence for hard turns, it does not flex much.

OTOH, even thought the deck is 37.5" long, it feels a lot smaller than the Loaded Vanguard, rear foot rest is a nice touch, shape and finish is awesome. So this could become my perfect travel board =)

Filling the guts! I’m getting close, too bad I can only work on the board 2 hours a day


oh sheet… i love the setup man… Battery design is awesome!

Enclosure is sweet lookn too.

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Does this wiring diagram look ok to you guys?

What fuse would you suggestm if any, for the charging port and before the VESCs?


First obvious thing I see is that your missing a balance wire on cell 7 assuming cell 1 is in the bottom left. You only have 9 wires for your 10 wire connector. Also, if your using a Vedder anti-spark switch with the standard 40A fuse, you really shouldn’t need the other two if it’s all setup properly.

Thanks man, I’ll leave it with no fuses then! BTW the missing balancer cable was a drawing error only :slight_smile: