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(Never used) 97mm 80A ABEC Flywheel Clones (Black) for Sale

Hey guys, recently got a pair of these for the sake of the GT but it seems as if the gear will not fit due to the large spokes. It could fit the GT street gear but it would need to be modified with a dremel or w.e tool you need to get the spokes thinner. I know you guys are handy with modding shit so figured one of you might be interested. Also there are no other black flywheels available anywhere last time I checked…even the cheap ones on Amazon don’t come in black I believe.

Got them for $60 with $20 shipping. I could still return them and get my $60 but I’d have to pay for the return postage… Anyone in the U.S. that wants to take these off my hands and can pay for shipping can have them for $55. I will be taking this topic down by the end of the day since if there are no takers I’d like to get my money back asap to order the genuine before my board arrives.


Where did you get this from? If I may know? I live in EU - NL. The shipping will be ridiculous I guess.