New 10s3p 30Q battery pack for SALE

Hello, I wanna sell my today finished Samsung 10s3p 30Q battery pack. I placed the Bms on the top, so the battery is very small. Bms is included. I also used fishpaper on the positive terminal of each cell and between all parallel packs. I didn’t soldered a charge port onto it, but the two small wires are there to connect one :wink: So if someone of you guys is interested, please send me a message. :heavy_check_mark:Price: 250€ (without shipping) IMG_20190712_110332 IMG_20190712_110312 IMG_20190712_104140 IMG_20190711_121152 IMG_20190710_143358

where is charge port

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God, reading is so cool!


But on another note, those balance leads crossing like that can be dangerous with time ( they wear through and eventually short)


Where’s the fish paper?

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Didn’t you read?

Yea I read, but just throwing one on the terminal? Doesn’t seem enough to me.

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No, both. At the positive terminals and between the 3p packs.

Yea, I see a few things concerning about this build, but I’m not going to be buying it so it doesn’t matter to me.

Who is this other builder who said those balance wires don’t matter?

You forgot fishpaper on the under the balance lead nickel, kapton tape isn’t very abrasive resistant.


No im talking about the nickel where the balance leads connect to.


Ahhh, sry dude. Now i know what you’re guys talking about😅 For sure i took fishpaper under it! I only posted a picture that I took before placing all the fishpaper on the right places. There is also a double layer of fishpaper under the Bms!! :heavy_check_mark:IMG_20190712_191701 IMG_20190712_191650

So, now i uploaded the correct picture that I took after placing fishpaper unter these balance connectors :point_up_2:

The negative lead is coming off the BMS???


Yess, sure! I’ve soldered everything write!

Is a little bit weird if everyone writes so much in this post. If you wanna ask something about the battery, please pm me, but pls don’t write everything into my “selling” post! :sweat_smile::pray: Thanks

You’re correct, that is proper, but you have advertised as charge only. That wiring is discharging through the BMS.

Not meaning to ruin your post, but you should be listing accurately.


@a13xr3 nice catch! But yes, if you want to bypass bms for charge only, main wires to vesc should go directly from battery + and -.