New 12s esc option from china

The description is pretty basic. but so is the price! $40 for the single and $72 for the dual! price does not include shipping, but still really cheap. i guess whats being used in some cheap boards?

ppm input, sensor input, small footprint.

tempted to grab one to try for a cheapy/mini build, anyone else?

6S-12S 50A single drive controller board for electric skateboard

Working voltage: 6s-12s Current: 50A Maximum 25-30A continous power Dimension: 54mm77mm20mm Matching motors: All pulley drive motors with hall sensor. Our 72mm and 83mm hub motors; Function: reverse function, curise function


Where did you find this?

Uses a programming card? Who is it made by?

Found it on Alibaba. Not sure if it’s the factory or just a reseller. Also no info on programming.

But I’ll ask. They also have vescs and stuff. So you it might be good. Have to get it and see I guess.

I was told they are sensored, and "no need for reprogramming "

If anyone wants to try let me know asap! $40 now or $50 later. :wink: For the single version.

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china is catching up. and with trademarks and expense marring the VESC DRV cooker, it could be a turn of the tides…