(new) (12s2p 44.4v 6ah) SAMSUNG 30Q 18650-3000mAh with fast charger ~$175

Putting a feeler out there for some 12s2p. I’ll be building a board for my cousin and he’s wanting 12s2p samsung setup.

I was going to order his battery and a batch of others, like i did before here:

I should be able to get the cost way way low depending on the quantity i can get. I guess you can call this somewhat of a group buy, yet i cant post to that category.

Here are the specs: 12s2p Samsung 30q 10s3p + BMS Insulated and PVC packed 4A Fast Charger LCD screen Dimensions: 196 x 138 x 40 Built by Matrix Batteries Estimated cost ~$175

Let me know if yo have interest. Since it’s Xmas now i’ll probably order end of December or early January.

Compare to $395 cost of products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s2p (battery + 4a fast charger)


I didn’t read the entire original post but did you take pics of how it’s assembled? The welds, nickel, fishpaper, etc.

It will be made by Matrix. Read my post on the 10s3p, it has build pics in it, so it will be similar to that. I can this time also influence the build and have them double up strips or make any changes I want or the group will want.

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You won’t be able to run a group buy unless you’re trust level: regular, just keep that in mind. You’d have to buy these and send them out before getting any payment or find someone that will run the group buy for you.

Also as stated in the other thread, matrix are more than likely not using Samsung 30Qs. This isn’t a dig at your idea at all it’s just simple maths, you can profitably sell 24 30Qs for that amount of money, so these are probably fake cells.

They will still work of course but you’d need to prove they are real to most of us I fear. Could you open the pack you have fully and show it? Detailed pictures of the cells?

Again, not trying to be a douche, just want to understand how it can be done for less than the cost of the cells

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I totally understand that. I only bought 3 last time and sold 2, cuz i was forced to buy 3. I think this order will be the same.

Matrix makes batteries for other vendors as stated in the other post. I hope these are Samsung 30Q’s as I questioned Matrix over and over again about. But they may not be. I’m not a huge tech-y that wants to destroy my shrink wrap, padding and pack just to pull out one cell and rip it apart. That just defeats the purpose of me buying a pre-made pack. I trust that Matrix put the Samsung 30q’s in there, and if not, well i’m still way happy with the performance and range of this pack that i got for way less than other sk8 vendors sell them for.

I can open the pack, but like everyone has seen even if it’s the right color and stamping, it’s not until you remove the cell and tear off the pink covering that you can tell if they are real or not. And again, the fake’s may be better now so the caps match.

So we really dont know if they are real or not, nor if you order individual cells and build your own or not.

All I know is math: As a consumer in USA i can buy Samsung 30q for ~$5 each. 5x12 = $120

So I’m sure Matrix get’s them way less than $5 each. So they can probably build the pack with BMS and throw in charger for < $100. Then sell for a 30% markup and charge crazy shipping fees on top of that. So even at $175 they are turning a very good profit.

I’m not arguing with you. But me personally if i can get a 12s2p that is most likely a samsung with a fast charger for around $175 instead of paying $395 to diyElectric or others, it’s huge. I could even buy 2 of them.

I’m just trying to be friendly to the forum and pass my deal along :slight_smile: I’ll buy 1 if i can for myself or i’ll buy 10 and make some people happy for the holidays. ho ho ho

I see where you’re coming from. I’m just super sceptical I suppose. There’s so few trusted places to buy genuine cells, anything priced low rings the alarm bells.

Like you said though. It works and they are bulk selling them. Not for me but if it works for you then have at it.

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Just smack at it randomly with a sharp blade, eventually you’ll either see the pink wrapper of a 30q or blow it up. Both work.


Huh? 10 charc

I have build picks from the 10s3p they have pink wrappers. (check other post for 10s3p) But that doesnt mean squat as we all know. :slight_smile:

I’m a frugal buyer, my first board i didnt want to drop $1000 on a long range commuter…yet wanted a 10s3p.

Same thing goes here, i dont want the battery to bust the budget. it’s crazy they sell for so much!

Take it or leave it, just helping out the forum, i wont get my feelings hurt as i have nothing invested.

I think its just crazy that you don’t want to check if the cells are legit or not. You could potentially have an amazing deal, or a possible bomb waiting to blow that you are going to stand on and propel yourself in public at high speeds.

I think its worth the time and effort to maybe cut the shrink wrap just a bit so you can look at the cells to make sure.


I totally agree!

It is not rocket science to rewrap a pack. Well, you have to buy the matching shrink wrap but it would be the time worth imo!

I have a pic. They are pink. Matrix is a huge battery distributor. I’m not worried.

What you want me to do? open the pack and re-check if they are pink ? Or what do i look for?


The markings on the side of the batteries follow a certain order on the legit cells I think. The pack looks fairly well made (from what I know).

I just want everyone to be safe here…too many accidents.

I agree with the safety factor. That’s why i didnt make my own.

@admin’s feel free to delete/close this thread. it’s not really going where i was expecting it. just trying to hook some peeps up with some well made Matrix batteries and cost savings. I suppose I could just open up a new website and sell batteries and totally dismantle a pack with pictures and then sell then for $300, but i’m too lazy for that and not that way :slight_smile: thx

You don’t have to dismantle the pack man. Just do some research on the cells you are trying to sell.

I would rather spend the extra money knowing that I have legit 30Qs than risk burning my damn house down.

Sell whatever you want to sell, I would just prefer to know exactly what I’m getting before I buy a battery.

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The only thing you would need do is to make a picture of the Label from a pink battery. It Hase some Black text on it.

If you provide that picture the people can better judge if that a genuine cells or not.

Where can i purchase, that wide big shrink wrap? (in clear)

I’d like it to be clear, as i will have to cut off the sticker on the battery and then re-apply it.

here’s a link to the shrink wrap-

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I’m getting 17 miles range from the pack I purchased from you and that’s on riding fast an meepo hubs

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Sweet glad I could hook you up! Send me a pick of your build!