(new) (12s2p 44.4v 6ah) SAMSUNG 30Q 18650-3000mAh with fast charger ~$175

I have shrink wrap on the way, also have the 12s2p on the way. Shipping was $61, crazy !

on the shrinkwrap or the battery? btw.if its the battery is it worth it? I did the math and I could build a 12s2p using cells form a reputable seller for around $150 with a charger and bms and you paid $175 plus $61 shipping that’s a bit much for a 12s2p

How much would you sell them for?

What size ?

@SecrIT @Blacksheep I could prob. sell a 12s2p flat pack for $180-190 plus shipping I would need to double check my costs one more time before I give a final price.

What size heat shrink

prob. something similar to what I posted above.

But there is diferent options

the 164mm for a flat pack.