NEW 6355 190KV motors & more for sale

Back in January I bought a bunch of parts to make my own board but didn’t get around to completing it.

Torque Boards 6355 190KV motor on eBay (I have 2). These are 100% new.

Not on eBay: SOLD - VESC (NEW UNUSED) - $90

SOLD - DIY Electric Skateboard motor mount kit (16T/36T 12mm ABEC Drive Wheel Kit) AND the Caliber Style Trucks. These were lightly used for about 2 weeks. - $75 SOLD - 10S BMS (unused, no JST cables-- it requires one 8-pin and one 2-pin) - $30 SOLD - 36V laptop-style battery charger (unused) - $30 SOLD - Really good remote (unused) - $40 SOLD - 100mm MBS all-terrain wheels (google for more info) - $45

I also have a VESC with a broken DRV8023 chip (I have a replacement chip but don’t have the tools or knowledge to fix it). Selling for $50 I guess

So if anyone wants to buy any of this stuff, please let me know! I live in NYC if anyone wants to do local pickup-- otherwise can ship. I can negotiate the prices a little.


Motor mount kit:

I am interested in your BMS, can I get more info on that?

Post some actual product photos please

I got the BMS from

For the JST connectors you will need one cable with 8 pins and another with 2 pins. If you look in my original post, I uploaded photos of the one I have-- on the right side at the bottom there is an 8 pin connector, and right above it is a 2 pin connector. When I bought this BMS, they gave me the cables but the battery I made was badly soldered and short circuited, so I had to throw it all out :frowning:

The BMS itself doesn’t cost much ($20) but the shipping they charge is $30-40… crazy. So I’d like to sell it for at least $30, shipping included.

Uploaded pictures.

The motors are in a box among a ton of stuff in my room which I will get to tomorrow for pictures.

How much for the remote?

– I got it for $47 back in January so I’ll sell it for $40. Is that reasonable? I have not been keeping up with prices recently.

hey. I’m interested in motor mount kit.Pics and price please;)

Just added the motor mount kit photos.

It is currently assembled on the trucks with my wheels but I have also included a picture I took when I first received it, so you can see each and every part of it.

I got three 3s1p LiPo batteries. Will they work together?

Then you would end up with a 9S battery. I am not sure if BMS’ supports fewer cells than it is made for.

If you still have the remote, I would be interested. My kid took a spill and used his benchwheel remote as a puck :slight_smile:. I’d like to get him another one, cant find a place to buy them anymore.

About them belt truck kit and toasted VESC, how much would you ask for it ? But if you’re in NYC shipping will kill it for me :frowning:

The motor mount kit - $80 Toasted VESC - $50?

Where would I be shipping to? I can check prices-- I usually go for the cheapest option.

Someone else PM’d me for the remote-- but if he cancels I will let you know.

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Thanks; That’s nice prices but i’m in France, I may end up paying almost double price w/ shipping.

motor still availble ?

Oh sorry nope. everything is sold

OK thanks anyway