New Alien Dual Drive

Hey guys! Im going to “upgrade” my puny singel drive to a dual drive since i broke my motor… Looks more like a new board than an upgrade but oh well…

This board is more for cruising to work than going 40km/h but I do love the wind in my hair hehe

For now i have these things in mind (any other suggestions are apprecietad)

Vesc x2 - Greenmotion (have installed bootloader and extended bldc) Probably going FOC if I get cocky enough

Motor - Dual 6355 APS 230kv or Dual 6355 APS 230kv. Dont know if 190kv is better? But thinking about the hills here and a backback on my back.

Wheels - Orangatang kegel 80mm

Trucks - Paris V2 black

Deck - Either Kahalani, Argon or Vanguard flex 1 Would love a little smaller board like the kalahani or argon but dont know if its possible…

Bms - Greenmotion for 8s or 10s. Looked on alien aswell for reduced shipping cost but out of stock…

Batteries - LG HE2 either 8 or 10s3p

Wheel pulley - 3D printed 36T

Motor pulley - Alien 15T

Motor mount and belt from alien. Want to go 15mm which I think will be ok on my paris trucks

Enclosure - 3D printed aswell, custom made by me so obviously not made yet

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any good tips for me :grin:

For going up hills with a backpack, your gonna want a 10s4p at least. Especially if range is a concern. 190kv is a good match for 10s I’m using the APS precision 6355’s and 6374’s Non sensored. They are well made and produce good power. They have 10mm keyed shafts so you’ll need to order pulleys from APS. When you order your motors, ask for shaft keys cuz they won’t include them unless you ask.

Okey so maybe 190 motors and a 4p instead. Any reason going for the hev lineup instead of the sensored ones?

I just never bothered with sensored. I always give a kick or two to get going and then hit the throttle. I just like to keep it simple. I like the HEV’s wit thier heavy duty shaft and close tolerances

thanks. I didnt have a sensored on my first board so kinda wanted to try one… but hev looks nice aswell. Guess ill go with the one that comes back in stock first hehe

As far as I know greenmotion sells rebranded Maytech Vescs, DON’T BUY THIS CRAP! You should be more smart than me, I have 4 faulty cheap V4.12’s (2 flier, 2 maytech). This is poor quality with bugs! I would spend 100,- more for a solid dual system.

The 6355 HEV APS motors are really great, nice power, they sound like a racing machine and not like a RC car. They are almost closed and the resistance while turning is soo small. I had the 190kv on my longboard with paris trucks and APS mount. But i’m switching to sensored motors, they are smoother.

I don’t recommend paris trucks and APS motor mount, i wouldn’t buy it again. The paris trucks have not a nice shape for the mounts. I’ve used 9mm belts and I had to file a lot off my truck. With 15mm belts (needs 195mm trucks), I don’t believe it’s possible without a lathe. Also the APS mount moves and moves and moves… Before every ride I had to tighten the screws and often the mount moved during riding and the motor crushed on the ground too often, it’s broke now, the inner ring of the APS mount is broke, too. Well my 3 months e-longboard experience was expensive I would buy caliber trucks (I think they also have wider versions than 180mm), there are enough motor mounts out there and your motor can’t kiss the ground in case the mount getting loose. But if you love paris trucks that much you can weld the mounts :wink:

Orangatang are very nice and smooth, the only disadvantage are the sharp edges. I have a lot of holes and missing PU on the edges. But the are still great.

And if you want to save money order your spare belts in china (aliexpress, 5pcs max. 15,-)

Good luck!

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Already have the vescs so just gonna keep my fingers crossed then lol but then i wont be supprised when they brake

Seems like im going with the hev motors :stuck_out_tongue:

Already have a pair of paris trucks at home so gonna try and grind them down before i change to caliber even though it isnt optimal haha maybe ill be in the same boat as you with expensive months. My board before with just a car esc ran fine but now when the motor died i wanted an upgrade :smiley:

Good to know, will probably order from china right away then with month of shipping and all

Thank you!

I had this 6355 HEV 2400W 190kv as single drive with Kegel wheels and 15/32 pulleys. My topspeed was about 45km/h. I don’t know if it makes sense going with higher kv because you loose torque and have higher top speed, or you could use 40 teeth wheel pulley in case of 230kv. I have one never used 190kv HEV motor as spare, would be willing to sell it if it makes sense for you.

Because I have 2 sensored 6355 APS 190kv, and 2 sensored 6355 APS 130kv now (plus 2 trampa 6364 136kv and one sensored maytech 6364 190kv (yes, i’m out of control :joy:) But generally it seems like only FOC can take advantage of hall sensors at startup. With BLDC they are cogging, but at slow speed nice control. I’ll put my maytechs on FOC next week to check the diference for science but they could die immediately.

And check your V4.12 due to max current ramp step bug, both of mine had it.

Did you already bought the APS motor mounts or just thinking about to buy them?

I don’t think there is enough space on 180mm paris trucks with dual 6355 and 15mm belts. But you could try single 6374 instead or use 9mm belts.

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Thats alot of motors! :stuck_out_tongue: I dunno havent decided if im going hev or sensored… leaning towards hev but ye… haha. Ill come back to you if I want it :slight_smile:

Ooh then I can learn from you if you succeed with foc or not if I should do it too with my greenmotions :smiley: hehe

Wich is the max current ramp bug? havnt read about it

Have one mount which hasnt had any slippage just som “touching the ground” action so thought to just go with another one to save a little hehe but do you know any better mounts for paris?

Might be tight with 15mm. Gonna meassure again but seen two guys I think? on this forum who has done it with 12mm. (gonna try to find a link) So 12 should be no problem!"

Well, I think APS is the only one in this universe :sweat_smile:

But i read some people used shrink tube on the truck to get better results, in any case thread locker should be used. If you have better filing skills than me it could work :wink: If you drill a hole in the inner ring and a flat spot on the paris it could work without any slippage. If your first mount works, get a second :slight_smile:

About dual drive: The good thing about APS motors is that they are really 55mm or 74mm in length, other brands are often longer. It also depends on width of the pulleys which belt width you can use. Or use 195mm paris trucks.

I’ll tell you next week how FOC performs with maytech or post a picture of fireworks :joy:

The max current ramp step setting is I think in the Advanced tab. It should be 0.04. Mine was 40… If you have the bug, everytime you click read or write configuration it gets multiplicated by 10. Just find the setting and click read config again. If the value stays equal you don’t have the bug. If it gets muliplicated by 10 on every click you could set it to 0.004 before write config, then it’s 0.04. Or better upload a bug free FW. This is one reason why people fry their vescs…

Well, don’t do it! It worked but every time when I brake I get DRV fault and cut off on both V4.12 no matter which brake settings. Even MT says don’t use FOC or max. for 10 min., what seems like a joke. I use FOC now on my V4.12’s without problems. The difference in startup is like day and night compared to BLDC. But in your case I think it’s better to stay in BLDC mode even with sensored motors (but you could upgrade the V4.12 in the future in case of sensored motors).