New alien motors

What do you think about these new motors?

Alien is not a reliable brand, their products have a history of failing early. I would not trust any of their motors.

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How is it they claim 3300W and a sk3 6374 has 2750 W ?

not necessarily tru multiple people have used their motors with no issues

their escs however are a different story

because sk3 is rated for 70A, these are rated for 80A. I’m not planning to buy from Alien again, but these motors look nice.

…Sk3 6374 192kv rated for 80A.

they look nice though! as well with 190kv, it’s in stock and meanwhile just 66Euros (without shipping)

Got a 6355 190kv from APS, done around 150k’s with it so far and don’t have issues, need to see how the motor holds up over time though.

ahh, see I was comparing 170kv to the sk3 168kv, but it’s probably continuous power vs max power. 2750w / 44.4v = 61A, so 60A continuous power.

What about this one, looks promising.

Naaa… 10mm shaft makes things complicated.

Why do you say that?

10mm keyed motor pulleys are hard to come by.

APS has them

Yes and who else? I would recommend to go the usual route so you can purchase your parts where you want. If APS is cheap for you go with them. Bruno seems to be a nice guy so try your luck.