New APS Motor broken while vesc setup

Hey guys! Today I finally finished my build. I set up everything. After motor detection this happened imageimage

By hand the motor was spinning free. There was also no noise inside the motor which indicated something stuck inside. The motor mount screws also not too long. Is it possible to repair that broken magnet? If yes, where I can get them? Maybe somebody know if some guys from alienpowersystem here who could help me out?

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Have you bought that motor from APS directly? They should replace it because its obviously a faulty motor…

Ugh… I feel like I was just reading about someone having to do this. Can’t remember who…

Unfortunately it was a reseller… Bought two 6384 motors to brige the time till my other 4 motors from aps will come. They on backorder and it takes ages till the come to Russia… now I need to wait again… Fuck, summer close to finish…

I also had broken magnet from new motor, I think because of how they there shipped and I guess it cracked from dropping it…


You fixed it somehow?

I wrote to APS they sent me new rotor, in mean time I used old motor rotor… So far it works, but now I have issues with another motor… Worst thing they are not even month old…

Just read through it :sweat_smile: That‘s shit…will get 4 6374 from aps soon too. Thought they have a good reputation… Hope with the other ones i‘ll be more lucky :grimacing:

My previous motors from APS worked without issue for 3k miles… The new ones feels like QC is pretty bad…

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Mine will be from a new patch as they where on backorder, so let’s see

I’ve had good luck with CA glue plus baking soda.

You can go loctite 326 with primer but that’s very expensive (may be worth it given what’s happening)

But where I can get new magnets which will fit?

Can glue broken fragment in. Clean with solvent, maybe scuff surface with sandpaper for better bite, make sure it sits flat and flush height wise, etc.

Also found this

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try using JB weld, i fixed my sons 6374 motor with it.


It’s not just aps experiencing QA issues. I’ve had magnets loose on two maytechs. Both of my 3 month old sk8s have thrown hall sensors and all of them have no loctite on any screws. Frustrating when you have just spent two days rebuilding only to find the can on a motor wobbling all over the place just after you’ve glued on the pulley. :rage::rage:. It’s not just motors either. Most of the stuff we buy regularly is not properly tested. I realise that when mass production is employed then a percentage is tested to give the overall rating but why then does it always seem to be me that gets the fucked one? :roll_eyes:. Just ready to start programming and a brand new solid state switch shits itself too. I’ve had a bad weekend of failures without actually riding the thing with and this is a big point no fault of my own!! Big shout to enertion for spending time in China nailing quality issues at the source. Maybe more vendors need to be as vigilant.


That’s unfortunately true. With some parts like our vescs I can understand if they blow when you run them on the limit with a 12s setup etc., but for motors… That’s mostly easy things which cause the broke of something. Just the right glue and loctited on the screws would pretend 80-90% of the faults without extra cost for the producer… The thing that always sucks…if you live not in a country like Russia, delivery takes ages. Spend now nearly one full summer just with back and forth of components. There is always something. I already started to buy everything I can with one or two spare parts… Guess I need to try my luck next summer :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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I’m in Australia my friend. Even Australian companies take ages to get here. Its always the small stuff that gets you too. Like the switch. Put everything together and a switch blows. 3 weeks delivery. Back to loop key.


Which Maytechs do you have problems with? I recently got 2 6374 170kv maytech sealed but haven’t gotten to testing or opening them yet.

I figured Maytech was a good brand as many other vendors sell rebrands of these motors feom what I’ve read but I could be wrong

These are alienpowersystem 6384 motors. Broke while motor detection, luckily not on the street while driving full speed :pray: Will hope that the second motor will be fine today evening. And also hope that aps can sell me a motor can only.


APS resells the same motors as Maytech.