New AT metro aboard about time

Been waiting for this for a while now


@b624, did you see it coming?


image image image image


Do these Metroboard wheels (urethanes) already exist? They look pretty dang nice

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Almost ordered one. Until I read that 499 is the pre pay price. Total price is 2 499 dollar


He did, we’ve been talking about it for awhile.

It looks nice, there are some equipment choices I don’t really understand yet and the lights are just, well, not good. Overall looks like a decent build with 6374s and VESC(s).


Interesting looking trucks.

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It’s pretty heavy too with 12.7 kg in street setup. Mine weighs 12.6 kg with 12s6p. I’m guessing this will be a 10s5p so the extra weight would be the custom trucks which seem to have built in lights, and tensioner system. The deck might be a bit heavier too I suppose.

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It’s probably a 10S5P with 3.2Ah cells


The wheels look like the cloned trampa wheels?

Pretty sweet looking board actually. Love the drop, big dual motors, lights, big penumatic wheels, location of charging port and the switch(I’ll probably copy that :D)

I wonder what these springs are for image


The springs are Self tensioning for the belts


still using that cheap (but reliable) remote. SMH. If you charge someone that much, be like Hoyt and make a remote.


The design looks appealing, yet an advertised top speed of 25 MPH for a $2500 board is a very hard sell - presumably because it can’t go much faster with a surf-skate Carver clone up-front.

Yet add in fake Trampa Superstars and it kind of feels like an insult for $2500. MetroBoard chose the cheapest, no-name brand wheel that they could find (probably here).

I wish them luck, sincerely. Beautiful design, very DIY influenced. If I find the deck I’ll post it here.




As you said my friend. The biggest flaw I see here is the lack of top speed

How much torque can someone possibly need. Seen a case where rider kept blaming Metroboard for a couple of crashes when really. All there was was too much torque at low speed.

Lots of Low speed torque + inexperienced rider Not a good combination imo

New board does look sikk. That I can say :metal:t3:


Include a different gearing option and speed and torque is solved.

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I happen to love the Mini Remote


It’s probably because the Metroboard dual drives have ridiculous amounts of torque. As far as I know, their older dual drives use 110kv 6374 motors on 17/36 gearing with 107mm wheels at 10S

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no hate on the remote itself. I used it, I loved it too. Unlike you, I actually like the AA batteries. It just seems odd to do so much in terms of the board design and still use that remote


Glad he’s keeping the remote. I think DKP is a bad idea but ilans pretty convinced. He’s actually going to swap the escs in my dual drive to the new ones, I’m excited to see how it rides.

I had a 55 mile. Sold it for a dual drive. The dual drives braking stopped me dead at 25. He said the vescs smooth it out a ton. This will have so much torque for off road.

Same battery as the current dual drive. 16 amp hour.

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