New BASEN 5000mah!

@Namasaki - Seems like there is a new BASEN in TOWN. 5000mah. Can’t wait for MOOCH tests. Knowing what we know about 4500mah, I’d rather say continous discharge is more close to 25a like in previous version, which is still good.


I guess the price would be high. That spec is too good to be true

Wow! Guess I should have delayed my build a little longer.

@kyo They are 26650 cells though :open_mouth: But this sounds too good?

Guys…I’ve found something ever better !! I’ll post it soon.

Teasing us… POST NOW! :smiley:

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on 26650 cells. I’ve found cells marked as 5000mah but usually the capacity is way over 5000. Usually around 5100-5300mah. I’ll post an info as soon as @barajabali wakes up and approves my pack :slight_smile:

post some links to a retailer. Lots of scam sites post wild specs.

I know they are 26650 but 50a of cont discharge … let wait for some real info :wink:

Here it is:

I would stay away from Basen. Mooch reviewed their 40A 18650 and it turned out to be 10A.

Each and single cell model is always different. 26650 4500mah Basen cells were tested and proven to be around 20-25a discharge.

only 20a cont though. The basen 4500 26650’s are 30a cont. Better to have the extra 10a discharge than the extra 500 mah capacity. Also, Mooch did not prove the basen 4500’s to be 20-25a discharge. I read his report and he concluded that he was guesstimating there continuous discharge rating because he did not test them for cont amp discharge, only pulse discharge. I also contacted Basen and they are claiming 30a continuous. Mooch did rate the Basen 4500’s as one of the top 5 tested.