New Battery Pack, looking for suggestions

Hey everyone. After upgrading my Esk8 from a 12s lipo to a 13s2p LG HG2 pack, I am already getting tired of the short range. Speed is not a problem but I am only able to crank out 16~17 miles on a single charge (288 wh). I was thinking of a 12s4p Panasonic 18650 pack but it doesn’t seem to output enough power. I need only about 40amp const. I want at least 600wh. Please give me links or suggestions to some batteries you think can hold my standards

For the enclosure, I am designing a 24 * 5600 * 140 mm stainless steel 1mm thick box to cover up the pack, BMS, and VESC’s. Hope 2.4 cm depth isn’t enough to hit the road bumps. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Instead of taping together my batteries, I am going to use the 18650 brackets I got from an earlier splurge to hold the batteries. (I have a few hundred of them if you are interested) Does anyone know a good way to hold the pack in place of the enclosure so it doesn’t shake around? The board is also round which means I get more clearance towards the side of the board.

If you have enclosures that can fit one layer of 12s4p batteries, message me

Thank you for reading this, comment below what you think or questions you have. REALLY looking forward to this.:upside_down_face:

A good choice to meet those criteria (12s, at least 40A, and at least 600Wh), a 12s5p 30Q pack is a good fit. Those cells can provide more than enough current, and at 3000mah/cell, that will give you 666Wh to work with.

If you really need it to be 4p, you’d still have 532Wh with the same cells.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of other cells that fall into the “more than 3000mah, but can still deliver good current” category. Even the other “15A” and “20A” 3000mah cells (like HG2) that are designed to compete with the 30Q fall flat when you compare the discharge curves. The 30Q are just amazingly hard to beat.

I see your point. But the 26 batteries I ordered were 3000mah 20amps const better than the 30q and only $4.5 a stick. Too bad the deal was over. They would’ve made the perfect cost-effective pack. :confused:

If you actually look at the discharge curves of both cells side by side, you’ll see that the 30q maintains it’s voltage better than your “20a” cells. Even though they’re rated for 15, they outperform any other 18650 on the market today, and you can get them for $3.60 each.

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Seems legit. I mean no one really floors their trigger the whole trip, I generally use 400watts max on a casual ride. But I do need the drag race power. :grin:

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Look around the forum. You’ll have trouble finding people disappointed with the performance of 30q battery packs, even at 20a/cell. With a 4p pack, even if you only pull 15 amps per cell, you’ll have 60 on tap. Many others are pulling 20/cell out of those cells, and believe me, 80 amps is enough for just about anyone.