New Battery Pack not fully charging with BMS

Hello all, Just finished up my battery pack its a 10s5p pack made from lg hg2’s. It has a Vruzend BMS 40a max discharge. I have checked and double checked my wiring of the charger cable and bms wires. The problem is it is only charging to about 83% when the charger goes green. So i think there is one pack of cells that is getting to 4.2v before all the other ones. This is cutting the charging off early. I thought the bms was there to balance each cell to 4.2v. I have left the charger on for a couple hours after it turned green to see if the bms was still balancing but it still only charges to 86%. I did but a relatively cheap charger. Could this be a charger problem?

Did u check voltages? Or just %-meter?