New Battery -> What can I expect from an switch to 30Q 10S3P-4P?

Hey guys! Awesome community here! I got a lot of information from this forum but I still need you help.

I run an 10S1P pack from Evolve with 10Ah (some random 6364 Single setup). So far so good. I can drive around 25 to 30km I guess, but after around 10km my voltage sag from the Evolve pack is so frustrating that I feel I am out of battery… but I have still 60% or more left.

I plan to upgrade my battery to an 10S3 or 4P soon. I think 3s is more then enough for my thoughts, but I am little bit scared about the voltage sag again. Special the performance after 10km. What do you guys think? Is the Voltage sagt from 3P to 4P huge? is the extra P worth the money and the weight? How is it when I will upgrade to a double motor setup? I am just not sure would I should do. Please give me some recommendations!


Ride safe! Thx!

its going to feel like your range in infinite. haha :slight_smile:

10s3p with vtc6 cells and you gonna have no sag :slight_smile:

The specs looks amazing, but the lifetime is… let’s say „short“. ;(


its common knowledge that evolve batteries suffer huge sag. put them under pressure and down they go. You will seriously notice the difference between that and a 30q pack no matter the p but if you want to minimise sag then the higher the amp rating of the battery the better. Definitely 4p minimum especially with dual 63mm motors. There are two different scenarios associated with battery sag.

  1. the battery loses power when fully charged and put under extreme pressure - steep hills etc (evolve style)
  2. the battery drops off in performance once it has reached a low voltage say 30% left. to me number 1 is sag and number 2 is normal behaviour for liion The higher the p rating will alleviate both these conditions but it really is about the quality of cells and their discharge rate. 30q have been proven time and again but again minimum 4p.

Quick hijack of the thread here (sorry, still on topic though). I your opinion, 4P is minimum even for a single 6374 setup? :slight_smile:

Personally I think 4 p is a minimum for any drive. But thats just my opinion mate really. The only single I have is a lipo set up so really can’t comment.

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Yea I haven’t experienced any 18650 setups yet so have nothing to compare to. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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i have a light single 6374 cruiser with 10s2p Mf1 cells and given i hate it, it can handle small hills pretty well. upgrading to a 10s3p 30q soon as @Holyman92 gets his shit together :rofl:

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I have 2p 3p and 5p lg packs and all don’t compare to my 2 30q packs in 4 p config. massive difference

its not my fault… i contacted customs and they just dicked me around i ended up hanging up


10S4P will have about 40% more range than 10S3P and the battery will last longer. But it will be heavier and more expensive.

You’ll get a little more than the expected 33% increase due to lower cell currents making the charge last longer.


is this worthy of popcorn? supposed to be building my board


na lol he’s just joking haha… we’re trading parts for parts but my tab welder is sitting at customs -__-

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just about to start drilling into a beautiful evo deck and was looking for a distraction…


Still going to sag…

Look at the discharge curve of the 30q and then look at the discharge curve of a lipo or litium iron phosphate battery.

Under load, li-ion drops from 4.2v to 3.8v per cell immediately, then they steadily drop down to 2.8v where they start to drop off like a cliff.

Under load, a lipo drops from 4.2v to 3.9v immediately, then stay in around 3.8v for most of the ride until they drop off around 3.4v.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries do the same thing, but are far safer than li-ion or lipo.

If you really want to get rig of sag, lipos are the way. But you need to be careful with them.


lol how long is ur evo?

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yep fully agree man lipos are way better for sag but didn’t want to confuse the chap. Graphite lipo’s in a usable form will kill it if someone can make them more user friendly. Waiting patiently for Zill to release his new drive. Individual modular p packs that are flight friendly.

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Its the 39 skate and explore version. Putting the @Eboosted enclosure on it soon if I can get off the forum.

man thats the one i want haha