New beast board 12s8p 40T epic range!

Special thanks to @Eboosted for the amazing battery, enclosure, Deck and great customer service! These boards are just a dream to ride! 9.5wh/km on the clouds give these things 120km+ range on a charge. Flipsky 6.6 plus vesc, dkp trucks and 6384 motors.


Great build/s man!

hey man, sick build, i just ordered 6384’s, i see you used dkp trucks, what brand dkp trucks, and what mounts did you use? cheers

Thanks! Flipsky trucks and mounts. The 13.78" ones.

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Thanks mate, awesome, that board must be a frikkin beast

You’re welcome! Just got some evolve AT wheels last week for it too


nice, guess you can go anywhere with those beasts, man, mine are in transit, can’t wait!!!

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I’m am looking at that exact build except I’m gonna use the @redember board with custom 10ply instead of 9 to handle my 6’4 260 lbs. So my question to you is 1.How much do you weigh? 2. What’s the range now with the all terrain wheels? 3. What charger are you using? 4. Do you have a battery indicator? 5. What kept you from using 21700 batteries? Thanks a million for the help!

Honestly the evo deck is plenty strong, I’ve got a buddy your size and weight that rides the same board. Its a really solid deck. I’m only 180lbs and so far with the colder temps im getting around 80km per charge. I use a 4A charger and I rakes around 7 hours dead to full. I use the flipsky Bluetooth module and vesctool app to check battery but the vx2 remote has an indicator but not very accurate. The Samsung 40T batteries are 21700’s

Thanks for the reply! And my apologies you are right those are 21700 batteries. I misread. Nice board man. :blush:

Man I’m thinking of building pretty much the same set up. I’m assuming it’s the double stack enclosure and not the single stack? Also how heavy is it? Pain in the ass to carry? Or all good for you?

The pack itself is 17 lbs so yes its a pretty heavy board to carry around but very manager for short distances. The board complete is just shy of 40 lbs , I haven’t had to carry it very far just yet but don’t really plan to either lol. Don’t even think about it just do it! You’ll thank me later… the board is a beast!

Yeah its a double stack for sure.

Alright. I’ll get in contact with eboosted. Cheers man! I’ll be joining you in a few months :relieved:

oh did you use any riser or additional bracket to attach the trucks to the board?

Yeah I used a 9mm riser pad in the front and 6mm in the rear but its not necessary really. The front on that evo deck is a little lower than the rear and want to level it out a bit. Definitely contact @Eboosted his work is top notch and customer service is great!

Looks cool,what’s the weight of this board?

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Just shy of 40 lbs :muscle:

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I am working on mine,still waiting for other accessories.


what about chains instead?