New bldc tool download links

Recently i have setup a website for the use of downloading of BLDC-TOOL for windows and OS X and all VESC related Firmware and files, this link will soon be a fully set up website with active download links, support documents and videos as well as offering vesc support via remote access and video call. the new link for BLDC-TOOL updates is: or

if any one has the knowledge and wants to help me set this website up that would be great i will pay maybe in vesc!

also BLDC TOOL 2.10 is know available


Excellent !

Could we have change notes for each new version of bldc tool ? Whats new in 2.10 ?

At this point yes, but noarmaly not Mach changes from 1 to another but better to update every second or third. But this build add support for a wireless USB connection via can but to vedders wii nunchuk.

check my latest updated windows version of bldc tool.

iv actually been working on the installer so know it places all files for you, instal’s the correct drivers and then places a desktop icon,

OSX is know in a dmg NEW: if you plug in your vesc before loading bldc tool then bldc tool automatically detects the vesc and sets the correct com port while tagging that com port (vesc) so the user knows its detected. you simply just click connect. soon ill add auto connect. there is also a refresh button that locates the vesc just incase you didn’t plug it in before opening.

this is all apart of trying to reduce confusion.

I’m about 2 weeks away from finishing a bldc tool esc setup wizard that will have a single button to detect foc and bldc settings and app data to make it easy for customers with no knowledge.

please every body i need feed back on my site.

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Hey @jacobbloy. I’m really struggling to download the latest BLDC tool. When I get through to the download page, and click the download button, it prompts me to enter my email address (which I do) and then sends me an email subscribing to your mailing list or whatever, and I confirm, but I never get to the download link. I then go back to the site and click it again and nothing happens…

Pretty annoyed. What is the issue?

Are there any other direct download links or anything?


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Try clearing your cookies and other website data. If not you can click old versions then go to the master directory.

Hey @jacobbloy - have you spoken w/ Vedder about his new VESC tool (new version of BLDC)? Curious if you had seen it any input on next version?

read it on his update from the 5th, on

I’m having trouble with the BLDC download site, it says it is currently unavailable and I would like to know if anyone has experienced this in the past or currently and if the website should be back up soon? please help, I just got everything for my first DIY build setup and all I need now is the BLDC tool for my VESC…

Site is down for 24 hours sorry

Oh okay, thanks for the reply. Better that I have an actual time frame now :grin:

Site’s still down…

Awesome work and idea to help others. Latest VESC resources are intermittent and hard to keep up with. VESC is a breaking news front in the e-skate world.

Site is down as I have not payed the renewal of hosting and currently do not have the funds to do so,

Would you mind uploading to site like dropbox or other online file hosting? Thanks!

just get @Ackmaniac’s version


an update to when the pages are going to be up again? im having a hard time getting the bldc tool :frowning:

Need to pay $100 to get my hosting up and running.

I am willing to host the site for free as I have a lot of unused bandwidth on my server.

Do you know how many TB it uses a month?

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I’ll host them if needed.

I also could host them if need be

yea if anyone has a current link to download the bldc tool that would be great cause i’m putting my board together now and could really use it.