New Board $800-$900 budget

I’m building a new dual belt board. I have a single motor one but I wanted to build another dual motor board for about $800. Here’s the parts i’m planning on using… Ownboard 10s2p battery Flipsky 6354 motors with motor pulleys flipsky 4.2 vesk (with the bult in power switch) Boardnamics motor mounts (if he restocks soon) flipsky vx1 remote Calliber trucks 90mm flywheel clones Belts and motor pulleys from DIYeboard

With this stuff and extras like connectors and wire and griptape and stuff it puts me just over $800 if anyone has any tips that could make it better or where i need to spend more money or where i could save some itd be greatly appreciated.


This is right at your price and has everything for a dual motor build.

He’s a trusted vendor and you’d have all your support in one place instead of multiple companies.


Flipsky has good stuff. You’re fine with it all. What kind of performance are you wanting? Riding style?