New board/dog excersier just finished

2016 summer project-Lazy Mans Dog Exerciser.

Parts: Turnigy SK3 - 6354-260kv Brushless Outrunner Motor £48.03 2 x Nano tech 5000mah Lipo (6s) 150A ESC 2.4ghz RC gear Abec 11 83mm/ 3.3 in 78a Orange Longboard Wheels £65.00 Aldi longboard £34.99 40mm O/D, M6, M8, M10, M12 - A4 MARINE STAINLESS STEEL FLAT PENNY WASHERS, BOAT [M12 (12.4mm) x 40,5] £2.99 2 Pulleys(16 tooth front/36 rear) and 2 belts £39.03 Shorter Belt £8.74 Chequer plate for motor mount-free


Lol come on man…let the little man go for a ride !!! Lol

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Is that a Cocker Spaniel? My dog hates all things motorized, especially the robot vacuum cleaner. Haha

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It is a Cocker Spaniel, He doesn’t like it really but he only chases it because I’m on it. Hates my quadcopter though.

You should consider using sled dog harness. And get another dog.

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