New board Idea first build

Hey this is my first eboard and I have some ideas but wanted to run it through the forum before purchasing parts. Spec wise I was going to go with 2 280kv sk3 hobbyking motors or two of these for an esc I was considering these two my battery is what i needed the most help on though i’ve read up on the lipos and the danger of fires and such and kinda like my house. Is there a charger that shuts the battery off when its done charging like a bms? Im trying to run a dual motor setup preferably dual rear at around 25mph. The distance would be around 10 miles but I could live with 6 as long as the charging isn’t too dangerous. I don’t want to constantly monitor while charging.

Almost forgot I have a 15 or 16 tooth motor gear with a 32 tooth wheel gear, 83mm wheels and a $600 budget. Thanks for any help you can offer me!!! :smile:

280kv motors are near the limit. I would take those 190kv as they will provide more torque. Esc wise, if you don’t mind reading up a lot then I would suggest you get a head as they are designed for skateboards.

Battery wise, just get a 5000mah 6s Lipo. This can also be 2x 3s in series. As for charger make sure your charger can at least provide 1c charge rate to you Lipo. This means of you have a 5000mah battery your charger must provide 5amps min. . also check that your charger can do a balance charge which will drastically extend the lifespan of your Lipo. Normally every ballanced charger will stop pushing a charge to your Lipo when it’s done.

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A single motor setup should normally suffice to get that 25mph mark

But if you really want that dual setup, don’t forget you need 1ea esc per motor…

thank you very much for the help have u had any trouble with your lipos?

6 months so far with lipo, no problem at all. You just have to know the limits and safety guide of lipo. Always charge them inside fire proof bag. Do not over discharge below certain voltage. Do not heat / punch / bend / puncture. Do not short’s them, be very careful while handling. Dispose swollen packs safely and immediately.

Lipo are one of the best battery at the moment with the highest capacity / density battery thought they are not the safest of all.

do you think i can climb hills with dual 300kv motors

I never recommend more than 280KV. Normally people here go with dual 250’ish KV. It’s better to have higher kv for many many reasons. If your 300kv doesn’t pull you, then you have 2 waste expensive motors. You also want to be able to climb hill when going dual setup, if it doesnt climb / slow, theres no point of getting it. Price different are not so significant anyway.

If price is your concern, then you should go with single low KV motor. Definitely launches you on hills. I use 190KV thats a beast at climbing.

Thanks for the advice 190kv it is

But remember 190kv is a huge motor. I’m not sure if you could fit in dual 190kv motor. I weight 60kg and I use 190KV single motor, climb hill about 25% - 30% grade no problem.

Dual 250kv motor is my next step, wheel traction is your biggest problem at climbing hill.

I went for 149kv and dont regret it

but can i run dual rear with that?

not unless you have like 200mm plus trucks

I have a dual rear with SK3 280kv motors like what you have. i needed a 190mm truck hanger to accommodate them. I have used the 150A versions of those ESC’s without any issues. also using lipos and charging on board for over a year now with no problems.

nice setup!!!