New board on the block

Hi guys was looking over esk8 videos and came across this one with relatively low views head over and check it out and post your thoughts and discussion here, Enjoy :slight_smile:


A fan sucks you to the ground? Strangeness

1 april :slight_smile:

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Solar panel for recharge though…

another computer image and a lot of magical talk. Not a single real part.

a solar panel isn’t going to be able to do much charging.

gets you cynical at this point.


No one’s brought up the whole “the deck IS the battery” thing… Super cool concept. Whether it’s true or not we’ll see but cool concept

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He’s definitely using VESC’s to drive the hubs. You can see it in the render.

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the board being a battery is an awesome idea and I’d love to see it. I’d like to see even a “homemade” version. the details on how it’d be done would be great to see. It screams danger.

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Seems great but 60MPH? Seems like a little much, also the fan seems a bit sketchy. Also I am skeptical of the fact that they didn’t show a single real part as @Hummie mentioned.

So who is he on this website?

awesome board!!! it will work

…in a video game!

Looks a lot like an engineering student that has a bunch of great ideas and nothing tangible. Personally I hate the futuristic boards made out of carbon fiber and metal and what not. I made my first long board a decade before I found out about esk8s, and I think if you lose that feeling of a chill cruise on a long board, well then I’d rather just walk. Also this board would cost like $3000.

… layers of graphene?

It’s called Particle board : This is that So it’s a good joke :slight_smile:

i’m pretty sure this is a mistimed april fools joke

I´m sure F1 gets jealous now. maybe he can REVERSE the computer fan and make the board hover. (no need for wheels anymore) seriously: to suck the board to the ground that fan must be HUUUUUGE!!! and then, you need a fan on your shoes too.