New Board Problems... Please Help

So I just got the final parts for my eboard build in the mail this morning, but when I went to go hook all the cables up and pulled down on the throttle the motor just makes a low noise like it wants to go but can’t. I double checked that my lipos were charged and that I had hooked the cables in the right way but it still is refusing to spin. And this is without me standing on the board. And ideas as to what is wrong? Any help would be appreciated greatly!

Vesc? Did you run motor detection and initial setup? If not, do some searching and find a guide for initial setup.

Could be esc settings, controller settings. Need more info

It is a VESC, remote and single hub kit that I bought from Carvon. I hooked up all the wire like I was supposed to but I just can’t figure it out

Have you plugged the VESC to a computer and run it through BLDC tools yet? Mine was like that when I first hook it up. I think the VESC needs instructions

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Hit up @LEVer and get his settings

And read

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Lol :joy:

Yup… I’m a total noob😂

Carvon is the best when it comes to customer support. Always quick to answer emails as well.

I 100% agree… I’ve had so many questions and he has helped me step by step through each one​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Yes, Jerry is very patient with newbies. I know that first hand.

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