New boosted board 2nd generation

new boosted board 199wh option, improved torque and kegel wheels! this is the image you get after processing your preorder.

Click here to save $100

After clicking this link or any other referral link don’t click any thing but reserve or you will loose the $100 discount. It will list -$100 I think lots of ppl have not actually been receiving there discount.

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I know it is not about DIY but i feel it is important to for members to know all the options that are out there for them to ride!

and the have improved the range and this was the biggest boosted complaint, it also seems they have bigger motors and bigger wheels so torque and top speed might be also there.

What’s up with that referral link? Do you get some money when someone orders with it? On hypothetical checkout it shows me that I would get 100$ off due to the link - that is quite generous from boosted

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Referral link seems very generous, I have pre ordered for now because I think with the $100 offer it is a more reasonable price. Would be good if someone could use my referral link and we could maybe create a chain?

how much do you get when somebody uses it? Another 100 on top?

If someone uses your link, you get $100 in visa credit I think :slight_smile:

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Here’s my $100 off link if you want to continue the chain:

Outsider: I already place my pre-order but I’ll see if I can use yours retroactively.

I just rode the old version again last weekend and it maybe does 20 or 23 if I lay down. Good torque but low speed and awful range. There are a lot of people who bought these not knowing how much better diy can be. Unless ur into the convenience of not having to build anything or don’t trust yourself to make something reliable…diy!

I thought boosted would possibly be competion in performance…not even close.

Are you guys sure it’s 100 off? From what I’m seeing it’s only saying “reserve for 100”

Basically use someone elses code to get $100 off, then share the code you get to get $100 from someone who uses yours

Wow. That’s like a pyramid scheme


Yup, you can get up to $1000 off, but only if ALL of them follow through lol

First, you have to preorder the board, then they give you a referral link. For each person who pre-orders the board and keeps it longer than 30 days, they will send you a $100 visa card.

Yes, it is $100 off. You place it into reserve for only $100, the rest is due when it ships.

Due when it ships? Hmmm…fuck now I want to save up since someone redeemed my code lol

HA! I don’t think you can get a referral code without first purchasing the board.

“Two weeks prior to shipping, we will send an email to confirm your address and collect final payment” <-- From boosted, to better answer your question.

Sounds very much like a evolutionary update than anything else. But then again for an off the shelf board miost Boosted owners love them and the range was the big issue. if it can get 12miles thats not to bad. Raptor can still get me 18.6milss or 30km and is faster at doing it.

Hey guys so if you can end up with $1000 guy keep using my link lol!

I’m done first impressions video I think they are planning more then just what they have shown!

How much more??? lol

How quick can you swap a space cell?