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New boosted board models coming!? Check their website

Any predictions?

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about time- they’ve had basically the same board forever, and they can surely pay for R&D!

It’d be cool to see them expand their lineup to offer different models for other target audiences: Like maybe adding a shorter board or something.

probably the fastest way to know will be watching casey neistat’s youtube channel. :stuck_out_tongue:


On their website everything is sold out. Not sure what else there was to see there…

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What makes you thin something new is coming? I’ll believe when I see something tangible. The thing with boosted is, they don’t need a new board. Their PR campaign sells that board like a candy store sells candy to kids. It just shows, you don’t need a great product, just good marketing.

Their website has not changed since the BB has been out, even when they run out of stock. And it says “hang tight, be the first to know what we are working on next”… What else could that mean??

It means nothing more than add your name to our mailing list…

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All I wanna know if it will let me go sideways fast…and even then…I wouldn’t buy it…or suggest it…Can’t wait to get jumped by the boosted board fan-boys lol

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I’m not saying I’m buying this or whether they are even releasing a new board soon. But they are sold out of everything and you can’t buy a boosted anywhere, then all of a sudden their website changes to something along the lines of “sign up to see what we are working on next”. The only logical assumption is that there is a new board. Interested to see what they offer and how the specs match up to the raptor dual. @onloop also predicted that boosted would be the next company after evolve to release a new board, and that’s happening now. Keep a close eye on both evolve and boosted as they both will be releasing info slowly on what their new boards are really offering.

I doubt it will measure up to what some of the DIY community is building, but you never know.

I think @onloop needs to throw a Kickstarter out there…

I think YOU can do it

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Yea I kind of wondered why didn’t do a kickstarter, he would have gotten a lot of funding from it. That would help him with human resources and customer service, and to get the complete raptors out quickly. DIY is great and I’m looking forward to building my own board, but the big market is the complete board market. So from a business standpoint, it makes perfect sense for him to do a kickstarter to get the funding to make the raptor sales process/customer service smoother and quicker.

With everything there is a price to pay…

I only meant that tongue and cheek…

He already has his customers dogging him…sure what’s a million people more hahahah

The way I see it, as long as Boosted wants to remain easy to travel with they will always remain underwhelming due to the 99Wh limit. I don’t see how they can increase the range without taking up more space on the board or going the stiff deck route. But even if they did I probably still wouldn’t buy it. Customizable torque, 28mph+, cruise control, swappable batteries are all already here to play with and no way they will catch up anytime soon. Best of luck to them.

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Here you go…


Likely more info tomorrow.

Agreed, I think they are coming out with something new. Why would they say all that and then let a bunch of people down. How is that good marketing @evoheyax please explain.

First of all, they are definitely working on something new, boosted has to, as they are falling way behind in the market. But I’ve seen plenty of other companies (especially in the drone industry) do this, and not release a new product until years later. This is clearly to build hype, and it’s likely for a new board (or improved version of what hey have), but I think they are a long ways out from pre-ordering. That’s just much hunch from observing a lot of companies in this type of industry doing just that and my experience trying to create a board that is mass producable. Either that or they will have a boosted 2.0 which is almost the same as the first. It takes years TBH to build a mass producible board from scratch. So slightly modifying their existing board seems most likely to me. But it’s a guessing game, no one will know for the time being, and I wouldn’t sit here expecting something released soon. Companies like this usually announce a new product (like evolve) at least half a year before they actually release it, sometimes more, to build up hype.

uh they’re already taking pre orders for the new board on their site

I just saw that after posting. And like I said, they took their first model, barely changed it, and are pushing that out as a new board. It looks the same almost. Credit to them for the quicker than I expected turn around time.