New Budget AT Dual Drive Build

What do you guys think? (x2) 6374 (x2) OG Focbox (x2) 5s 10000mah lipo Vedder Anti Spark Switch Push to Start Power button Voltage Meter 200mm pneumatic tires Custom Grip Design (similar to LaCroix) 20180924_175906 IMG_20180924_165153_316 20180924_175749


how’s the carving of the board like?

Personally I love it… It is a little wide on turns because it is a 41in board but I plan to put some foot binding that way turns are a lot easier (jump turn lol)

it looks to be a very clean build. mad props to that. if only you can hide the electronics under the board for the stealthy look.

thank you, I appreciate your kind words! that’s definitely something I have in mind, just have to save some $$ to invest in 18650’s, atm I only had lipos at my disposal

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i just observe the motor mounting on your trucks. it seems to be the OEM trampa styled trucks from china.

I plan to make a video tomorrow with my mavic, hopefully I can get some good footage of the ride

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yes you are definately correct. I got the entire kit from johnny_261 for a steal($180), but I did have to drill my own mounting holes because they didn’t fit the sk3

Looks really good. Still going? :slight_smile: May I ask where did you source the deck?