New build EMTB Texas Trampa, Leopard 8072, Esc?, Batteries?

These Looked really nice on the E-toxx youtube video I decided to give them a try. I will keep you posted as I get more parts


where did you grab this…it looks beautiful

what is the size of the motor compared to a SK3 6374 ??? is it sensorless ?

the size is in the name 80mm x 72mm, just like the 6374 (63mm x 74mm)

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cheapest i see this thing for is 200€!!

I ended up ordering these from altitude hobbies 129$ each. But I must have gotten the last 2 they are out of stock now. I have e-toxx making motor mounts and adapters to mount the motor, he pretty much has me convinced to copy his 8s setup with one exception. I am thinking about using torqueboards 12s esc instead of the hobbywing ones. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Hey Mate,

happy to let you know that all Parts are ready for shipment.

Hope you like the Leopard Adapters, fresh machined a few minutes ago (-;

Let me know if i can help you anytime.

Jenso from E-Toxx


Well the board came in today it only took a week to get here!!!


About an hour later…


Vertigo or ultimate trucks?

I jumped for ultimate because they’re solid titanium.

The site said the vertigo we’re hollow core or something

This thing is going to be a beast!

I’d go VESCs.

Thats are Ultimate, because only the Titanium ones are white powdercoated.

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Rumor has it VESC is not the way to go with mountain boards. Cant handle the load

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At this time you are right.
This is my reason for waiting with my mountainboard build for the 5.0 release

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Yea I’ve recorded to go with TB esc

They are also very nice, i just love all the possible adjustments on the VESC.

And, to be honest, another reason may be that i have two builds going on in the moment and i am a little short on money.^^

Hello you are right these are titanium, as of now I am leaning towards torqueboard esc or possibly the max6, If I use the max6 I will have to get new batteries due to the fact that I have two 6s batteries already. I am wondering if I set it up with one battery per esc (max6) or run them in parallel with the torque board esc ? Due you guys know what makes the most sense? I have heard that the vesc would not be up to the loads also and I can always upgrade at a later date.

I just pulled the trigger on torque boards esc, I plan to try it at 12s. As soon as I get the rest of my parts I will post some picture.

Beautiful. Looking like a great build.

this build should be called leopard 2

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