New build from scratch

After a winter of no riding. I decided to build my own custom board. Not going to go into detail yet because I’m posting from a phone. But enjoy pics.

Machines/tools used:

Shopbot 4x8 CNC router

Omax 2x4 CNC waterjet

Heat gun

Battery welder





9 ply 1/2 Baltic birch

High density foam

Carbon fiber (not shown)

Titanium (not shown)

Kydex (seen but not used for final)


2x 10s1p 18650 packs

Flipaky 4.20 dual

Boardnamics mount and extended trucks

Caliber 44 Cal base plate

Dual 6374 170kv motors

Unknown wheels 98mm

Current total cost:


A LOT more to come when I start the carbon fiber layup process and cut the titanium.


Pretty cool, what are you using the carbon fiber for?

It’s going to be the battery cover.

Looks cool I wonder if the battery slots compromise the structer of the board and strength

It does. That’s why the use of carbon fiber as a battery box. It will be bonded to the wood core instead of screwed in like other companies. Electronics will be accessed from the top of the board. Giving it overall better waterproofing.

I love it, looks like a solid build for a very reasonable price, keep it up.

Price is only reasonable right now due to my shop and being able to use thrown out materials. I have a 13x45 sheet of 3/32 titanium that was left behind by a researcher. Normally would have paid $150 for it. Also the carbon fiber is being done custom. Any shop would have charged an arm and a leg to get it made. But, i’ve realized this and will be attempting to make my own carbon/maple hybrid ply so that I can make this project more affordable for people who want to buy the deck from me.