New Build in progress Need Feedback | 12s4p | 6374 190kv | MBS 100mm | Ollin VESC

Hello everyone!

I have been reading the forums for awhile now trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my board, so here is what i came up with. I’m still unsure what battery pack im going with, but i know i want 12s4p. What’s your suggestion? Any links for pulley kit for MBS 100mm wheels? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kebbek Juergen Gritzner Pro Longboard Skateboard Deck Caliber II Trucks MBS 100mm All-Terrain Longboard Wheels Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air Venom Bushings Ollin VESC GT2B - MasterCho Mod 12S4P ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD BATTERY EPOWER PACK (SAMSUNG 30Q) 6374 190KV SINGLE BOLT ON MOTOR MOUNT W/ DRIVE WHEEL KIT 16t 12mm 7" Slim Off-Road LED Light Bar - How would you power this light? 3s 1500mah with a xt90? AFX FX-41 DS Helmet


Where are you from?

You can probably get a custom battery pack made for cheaper

That’s a very nice deck

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@moon, i live in florida, usa. Thanks i have been researching for like 6 months, and i don’t want to make a bad buy.

Don’t know their reputation but given your location might want to check out miami electric boards too.

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Yah I looked at Miami Electric Boards they don’t have much selection and all of their batteries are sold out.

I love the deck!

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Picture of the ollin vesc

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Will i run into problems running 12s4p with DIY’s 6374 190kv motor?

@MyCampGround We use 6374 motors with our 12S4P batteries.

@torqueboards does your 40T ABEC PULLEY 15MM COMBO KIT fit MBS 100mm wheels?

@MyCampGround Yeah they should be perfectly fine.

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