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New build - Need help |dual motor FSESC 6.6 with 10s5p battery|

hello everyone, I’m trying to figure out what to buy for my esk8 longboard setup!

I’m based in EU.

  1. Deck: don’t have it yet, it’s not a priority for me at the moment. if someone has some good cheap longboard options that would fit this build, it would be highly appreciated.

  2. Trucks: Double Kingpin Trucks for DIY Electric Skateboard | Longboard | Esk8 I’m buying these ones as they look like a great fit and I’m already buying my VESC from flipsky.

  3. Wheels: Same thing as the deck, looking for some pretty cheap 97mm wheels. any recommendations are welcome!

  4. bearings: normal Bones Red bearings from a local skateshop.

  5. pulley system: I need to do more research on this, but I was thinking 15-36 teeth gear ratio.

  6. motors: BLDC Belt Motor 6354 190KV 2450W for Electric Skateboard Same as the trucks, looks like some pretty good motors for the price, small enough to fit on the trucks and same shipment as the VESC.

  7. VESC: Dual FSESC6.6 Plus based on VESC6 looks like the best price-quality VESC for upgradability? if there are any other good ones that are more available in the EU, please let me know!

  8. Battery: I was looking for a 10s4p or 10s5p 18650 Samsung 30q battery pack. Mboards has a sale right now that’s a pretty good deal, but it’s from the US. I’m not having much luck with EU dealers, but the cells are fairly cheap at NKON. I’m in talks with LiTech and DNK Power but they are both based in Asia so I’m sceptical of the quality. Does any of you guys have experience with these companies? Also, because I cant find any spotwelders in my area and soldering doesn’t look like a great idea, my friends (who are engineers) thought it would be fine to just build an enclosure based on the NESE System It’s some public cases you can 3d print and connect, specifically for making battery packs without having to solder/weld. If anyone has any better idea, knows someone that can help or any other info, please let me know!

  9. remote: Screen Remote VX2 Pro for Electric skateboard | Ebike | Eboat compatible with VESC Looks like a really good remote, a bit expensive but I like having all that info in my hands.

  10. enclosure and other misc. stuff: depends heavily on board and battery, so I’m leaving this out for now.

I hope to hear from you all soon! have a great day!

For EU stuff these guys are great.

For battery packs this is decent if you want it fast

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