New Build Question - Connecting FOCBOX to Motor

I am new to this… I have ordered a battery from CHI Batteries 10s2P, FOCBOX and Enertion remote. I am now trying to decide on a motor. I am looking at a number of 6374 / 190kv covered motors or similar. Is there a recommendation for this motor size at a reasonable price. Also the FOCBOX specs indicate it has 3.5 mm connectors, but the motors I am seeing say they have 4 mm connectors. Will I need to swap our connectors? on the FOCBOX or Motor to make them fit. I was hoping not to have to do that as I do not have any soldering equipment.

You can get adaptors, but if you order from @JLabs or @psychotiller they will do the connector swap for you. I’m sure it her vendors will as well I just don’t know for sure.

All you need is a cheap soldering iron and some solder in total would be about $20-30 and soldering connectors is pretty good practice for a beginner, wouldn’t suggest replacing anything on a board but the connectors on the motor phase wires should be pretty easy to desloder and replace.

There are a million tutorial videos but key is basically to heat up the wire then apply solder to it with the iron touching the wire (can put a bit of solder on the tip of the iron to make heat transfer out of it better). Then heat up and coat the connector in solder, then use some tweezers or pliers or helping hands to hold the connector on the wire and melt the solder that is on both parts to join them.

Learning to solder is a super useful skill for any kind of electronics hobbies and you’ll probably need to use an iron at some point anyhow.

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Hi, I’m also facing the same problem. Where can I buy these adapters? I’m only finding 3.5mm female banana plug to 4mm male banana plug, but I need exactly the opposite.

Literally my first search results in this top result on google.

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Yeah I found em a bit after