New Build | Red Ember custom Deck | PT 6in wheels; 273mm trucks; and RIPBA motor mounts | Dual Maytech 6355s 170kv | Dual VESC-Xs | SPACE Cell Pro 4

Just starting to receive my parts for the new build - all parts from members:

-Red Ember Boards custom deck thanks @treenutter -Psychotiller 6in wheels -Psychotiller 273mm trucks -Psychotiller RIPBA motor mounts -Psychotiller - Maytech 6355s - 170kv thanks @psychotiller -Group Buy dual VESC-Xs thanks @yummyblobs -SPACE Cell Pro 4 thanks @onloop -Sparkle mod thanks @unik

Thanks to my local drone flying buddy who introduced me to the board @Landshark

Will post build log here as parts come together…


wow ! what filament did ya use - thanks for crediting (it’s okp here!)

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This is going to be a sick build. Really like that deck!


Protopasta glitter flake - figured the Sparkle could use some sparkle…

Its a little brittle tho…printing a couple in ABS now…will post pix…

I am also doing a build with one of the decks (thanks @treenutter) and @psychotiller 6in AT wheels & RIPBA mounts. I am using Paris 195’s instead. with I almost posted a pic of parts today, but figure I’ll wait until I actually get all my parts in. Good luck, I look forward to seeing how it performs and looks.

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@Crushkrew Looks like you will get to the finish line before I even start the race…That will be one of the baddest boards to hit FLL streets!

Watch out Riverwalk!

It will be fun to test out our boards, they are same but different as wise chinese man once say…

@treenutter just got exposed :joy: Redember Boards are dope


No doubt :slight_smile:


Rear truck mock up…this set up is legit…


Thanks @Crushkrew @lox897 @mmaner @Titoxd10001 ! Yes, I’ve been exposed! I won’t hijack @Crushkrew’s thread; will share the news in a separate thread later on. TLDR: I’m now hand-making and selling decks for esk8. on IG redemberboards


@Crushkrew I didn’t even know that glitter filament was a thing, this is awesome!

Yea the sparkle filament is cool but too brittle for the thin wall sections…think I’m going with a Ying yang deal…blk abs and wht petg…


Tell me more about those Maytechs 63s, I found them recently and just cannot find anything better. It’s all gut feeling though and price is rather steep to just try them.

What size belts and motor pulleys are you using?


Same. What length belt? My 340mm are to tight and the 345mm are too loose. I’m missing something, just haven’t figured it out yet :grinning:.

340mm…seems about right but I only have it mocked up with a couple screws…need to pick up some more…I’ll let you know now…

Got my Redember Board today…it’s sweeeetttt…

Couldn’t resist a couple mock up shots…

Now gotta take her apart and start really building…


Not sure about forward mounted motors…tboughts?

Nevermind…decided to run rear mount…