New build. Silver Sunrise

I’ve gotten a lot good ideas from this forum and have always shared mine for other e- builders. My new build took about 40 hrs.


Where did you get such a thick board?

Two identical boards glued together with and 3/16 sheet of plywood in the middle


Dig :+1:t2:

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This is exceptional work. Great job with the finishing of the board. It looks amazing.

Really excellent board! A lot of hard work put into it from what it looks like! @michaelcpg had the same idea of two decks being attached together.

Thanks for coming back and posting this @Glenn…I can see a lot of people doing their own version of this

Great Job! That deck is a real show piece !

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This is why I wanted to share. Get ideas and share ideas alike. The material and two boards were only about $100. I got the covers for free. Routed out grooves for wires. It took awhile the build but was worth it not to mention fun

Holly crap that looks beautifull!

That is a wicked looking build. Great job!

Wow! What a fantastic build! Love your work. Would you share some specs on the board? Battery? Speed? Mileage?

Props, that thing is rad!

This is awesome. What kind of glue did you use?

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Just standard wood glue. I also clamped,screwed,and bolted down the truck holes to get the final press of the two decks. In my surprise the deck has no flex and is strong as hell. I cut out a lot of material

Silver board deserves a gold medal! Beautiful job. :thumbsup: Any idea how much the deck weighs?

Nice work!

I haven’t weighed it yet but not quite done. I’m building a soft start switch and maybe adding a led light later. I cut chases in between the layers for future wiring.

That’ll go great with your silver surfer costume :smile:

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Great work! I love your shop.