It’s called restless.

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So with a board that thick, cutting through it all the way didn’t effect it too much with overall strength?

ive got a 10 ply board and was worried if I were to cut out a battery bay for my space cell, that it wouldnt hold.

i was just wondering the same thing. I can see that the steel pan was screwed down and smoothed over, but I wonder how much strength it can provide the deck like that, and if the smoothing-over area will crack at all.

The way the stainless steel is built adds to the strength of the board. If you look close you can see the stainless cover has a slight curve to add a little more strength as well.

If I milled into my 10 ply half way (so like 5 ply deep) and then had a short cover for the remaining part of the battery that sticks out, Do you think it would be strong enough on its own?

I believe it would be strong enough. I’ve also have done that to a couple of boards myself.

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Your builds give me hope :slight_smile:

LOL the revive is real. :ghost::joy:

I remember is other build a while back when I didn’t have an account but I haven’t seen this board before :grin::grin:

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i am thinking about milling 2-3mm deep in my 11ply board, still i do not want to use much stability… worth it?

No expert here but in a board 3mm is hardly nothing

Just take a look at whiteponys builds

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