New Builder. Check my parts before I buy them

Dear esk8-community,

i need your tipps / recommendations for the parts i have chosen.

I have little longboarding/skating expierence, weight about 280lbs, 6’3 tall, 23yo.

The most important features i want to achieve:

  • Range - 40km+/24miles+
  • Decent speed - 40km/h 24mph should be the normal speed(with about 70% load on flat ground) Hillclimb should not overheat anything! up to 15-20% is normal where i live.
  • Durable - I want to waterproof it without glueing it fixed and the parts should be high quality. I need to be able to trust the board as a daily used vehicle.

My philosophy for every project is to overbuild it and then use it at a ~70% load. that way I can be sure that nothing breaks.

My budget is 1450€ for the parts, 100€ for extras(Lights, pulleycover,…) and 50€ for screws,…

1600€ total. Shipping costs are excluded.

My parts:


Stiff enough for 280lbs?



Esc: FOCBOX UNITY ~330€ with warranty.

The ESC is the determining factor of how strong the other parts (motor, batterie) can be. I choose the focbox because of the warranty and the ease of use. Dual FSESC 6.6 for ~260€ would be cheaper but it doesnt have the warranty, fuses and the interface on the phone. Is the focbox worth it or is it just “useless-fancy”?

Motor: 6374 170KV 3.6W 80A 8mm D-Flat 2x 80€ = 160

Alternative: 6374 190KV 3.1W 80A 8mm 3x3 Keyway https:///collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv 2x 107€ = 214€

Is there a quality difference between the hobbysky or the diyesk8 one. Tipps/recommendations?

Batterie: FLAT 10s3p Eskating Electric Skateboard Battery Samsung 30Q

330€ (60A BMS, On/offSwitch, BatterieStatus-LEDscreen and Chargeport included)

60A BMS will most likely be a bottleneck for the whole system. One motor alone needs 80A rated current/ 120A max. what do you think?

I would like to get the 10s4p but its 145 mm and i need 140 with the enclosure.

Shouldnt all the flat pack batteries be the same and only get longer? Can i warm up the ABS enclosure and bend it a little if needed? Can i alter the batterie or request it to be altered? I can only buy a batterie from a european seller because of shipment restrictions!

Remote: 2.4Ghz Remote VX1


This remote is for the FSESC 4.12 or 6.6. Does this work with the focbox? My guess is to just hook up the remote like it shows in the description for the dual 6.6 and it should be good. can i access the pins i need?

Drivetrain: Trucks: Tb 218mm https:///products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks?variant=712802992151 60€

MotorMount: 63mm Reverse Set https:///products/63mm-reverse-motor-mount-set?variant=7311941271575 2x 55€ = ~110€

Belt: 320MM HTD5 15MM - 4X BELT BUNDLE https:///products/320mm-htd5-15mm-4x-belt-bundle ~25€ (going for 4 right away because they will rip at 100-200miles anyways)

Wheel Pulley: 36T 15MM ABEC DRIVE WHEEL PULLEY https:///collections/drive-wheel-pulleys/products/36t-15mm-abec-drive-wheel-pulley 2x 35€ = 70€

Motor Pulley: 16T/14T/12T HTD5 15MM 16T: https:///collections/motor-pulleys/products/16t-htd5-15mm-motor-pulley 14T: https:///collections/motor-pulleys/products/14t-htd5-15mm-motor-pulley 12T: https:///collections/motor-pulleys/products/12t-htd5-20mm-motor-pulley 20-30€

36/16 = 2,25 36/14 = ~2,57 26/12 = 3 I read somewhere on this board, that the optimal gearing ratio should be around 3,5. That being said, a high ratio is reducing speed/range for less stressed electronics. lower ratio is the other way around. Most ppl go for a 2,5 or lower. It is hard for me to guess it correctly for my weight. pls help me here.

Keyway 3x3 2€ https:///products/motor-keyway?variant=712557658135

Wheels: 73A Duro 97mm BLACK


Total 1449€

This is the important stuff. Rest is extras or tools.

Quick listing of extras: (idk if i need any of those)

Lights: 6W Brake control (3W front white, 3W back red)


Pulley and Belt cover 2x


Waterproof Cover for on/off switch


Anti Spark Switch

35€ Do i need that if i have a BMS and a focbox? i have read about the switch frying esc’s. i dont want that to happen.

Tools & building: Ttool: https:///collections/tools/products/skateboard-t-tool-black Velcro: https:///collections/accessories/products/sticky-velcro-velcro-strap-pack Shockpad: 2x https:///collections/accessories/products/longboard-shockpad-risers-3mm Heat shrink: Braided Cable sleeves: Soft Black Gasket: Cable Glands Locking Nuts:

Total w/ extras and tools: ~1600€ ± 50€

If you notice anything wrong, unnecessary or missing please let me know. I dont want to fry 1600€ worth of dreams and aspirations.

I plan on ordering the parts next monday. If you have a different idea, that would fit for me pls let me know aswell.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks for your help.

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Its a decent start to a great board.

Those hobbysky motors are not very good. Honestly, dual flipsky 6355 are highly praised and torquey as crap for a street board.

I would go with the 10s4p for a little extra range.

For mounts and pulleys, i would ditch the expensive ones and go with @boardnamics mounts.

My favorite pulley set is less than $20 and comes with 2 belts

If you want so save even more. Money, the flipsky single 4.xx vescs are supposedly very good now.

Btw, i use dual 6355 on a board that has to move 250+ lbs. I set the motor max to 30a per motor and it has plenty of power for sure.

Hate to be ‘that guy’ but my essentials list would include a full face helmet