[New Builder] Flier Model Vesc

I like that this one comes with a heatsink. Does anyone have any experiance with Flier Models Vescs? I cant find anything on google… The Vesc in question: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VESC-4-12-PCB-Vedder-Open-Source-to-BLCD-Motor-Controller-Electric-Skateboard-/262562490271?hash=item3d21f1a79f:g:vT4AAOSwNRdX7FJq

Any input on this particular model would be highly appreciated. (Please no “buy from xxx” responses. I know the other suppliers already)

Thanks guys Its nice to have ppl to count on :grin:

Found someone who uses it here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/mobious-semi-1-custom-deck-semi-enclosure-airplane-legal-travel-build/6861/15

Received this reply:

My response:

[quote=“anorak234, post:2, topic:11849, full:true”] I don’t believe it’s a VESC[/quote]

Does it have the same copponents but simply a different chiplayout (somewhat like the vesc-x sort of different) or is it fundamentally differernt like the escs from alien power systems?

Does it use Vedders software? Is it preinstalled?

Sry for all the questioning but I found a good deal on one and I also do like the fact that it comes with a heatsink. Im a new user and there is hardly any information on this particular vesc out there (for what ever reason)

It would be nice if you could make a short writeup in this topic of mine: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-builder-flier-model-vesc/11843

Im sure quite a few ppl would be interested in hearing about your experiance!

I would highly appreciate if you could provide me with all the details on this one that come to your mind!

Thanks :relaxed:

The ebay one linked is $125… i’m hoping that the one you’ve found elsewhere is significantly cheaper. For that price, i’d spend the extra for @Chaka’s, or get a less expensive one from DIYes, Enertion, Axle, etc.

Personally with the frequent failures of the other Flier ESC’s (APS sells them - others did too and stopped) - i would not be an early tester… Poor components, or QC, or both and frequent failures (even replaced under warranty) sounds like a PITA when i just want to ride.

Any VESC (until v6 or the new Alpha/-X variants) i would suggest sticking with a tried-and-true setup that doesn’t push the limits - 8-10s (not 12s) and BLDC not FOC. My .02

The thing is Im from Europe otherwise I would have already picked up one from Chacka. My options are kinda limited here when it comes to quality heatsinked Vescs without spending 200+€ after taxes. I was planing on building a 12s setup (4x 3s). I guess I might have to downgrade to 9s but this Vesc feeled like it was worth a shot. :confused:

I think enertion has some european warehouse to distribute without some of the fees? Maybe someone can comment as i’m in the US and just not sure.

I would still check with some of the other providers to see what the total cost, even including import duties/taxes, would be to you.

Also esk8.de in germany has some for ~180 Euro. I’ve also been looking at how best to add a heatsink to some older VESC’s i have… it looks simple in concept… :wink:

Last you might be able to get one from an individual vs company and have it sent as a gift w/ low value to avoid some of those import taxes/fees?

To answer your questions @Mox :

  1. It is very different from your eBay link VESC, none of the normal ports. I can post pictures when I get home if you like
  2. Idk if it uses Vedders software but i doubt it. It is pre-programmed though.
  3. To farther clarify: I believe this is a highly customizable car ESC, not a VESC. It cost me about $100 and I got it from @oriol360. It works so far as expected with my 6s system and first road tests will be conducted this week. I am very happy with it and would definitely recommend to anyone without the patience to work with VESCs
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is this one worth a shot? http://www.vesc.co.uk/product/vesc-4-12v-bldc-controller/#prettyPhoto

This is the VESC: http://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/vesc I do pre-program them before sending them out and offer support!

Hi mox, I got 2 vesc’s from enertion a couple of months ago and the import fee I had to pay was around the 35quid mark total for the pair (obviously I’m in the UK too) HTH

Edit* sorry I thought I read you were in the UK, maybe the fees would be similar

I went ahead and preordered the vesc-x. The mounting holes on the button and the compact formfactor got me sold. I hope it lasts.