New Builder Parts Approval - Need Advice

Hey, I’m looking to build my first electric longboard and am looking for some advice/review from more experienced people before I pull the trigger on all my purchases. I’ve done a lot of research on this forum and in general, but I still don’t feel like I fully know what I’m doing. My goal for this first build is just to have something that works, I don’t necessarily care that much about the top speed or torque as long as it can make it up a decently sized hill. If this works, I may just try to reuse most of the parts and buy more powerful batteries/motors for future builds. My budget is average, don’t want to spend a ton but am willing to pay more if necessary to get better parts. For reference I weigh about 150lbs so I’m not a super heavy guy.

So here is my plan categorized based on the part:

Longboard itself: Likely just going to buy a used one on kijiji, not too concerned about the quality I have a couple nice ones that I would prefer to just keep the way they are. So the wheels will likely be 70mm, I figure if I need more clearance room I can buy larger wheels if necessary.

Motor: Leaning towards this one: rmmds=search&stayold=1&cur_warehouse=CN

320kV, from what I’ve heard ideally you want between 200-300kV so I figure 320 should be okay if I’m not aiming for a high top speed (although I believe the kV is more of an indication of the motors power, so please let me know if this will not provide enough torque – again I’m pretty light)

ESC: This is the one I’m having the most trouble deciding. I kinda want to buy a VESC from Enertion even though it is pretty expensive, since I could reuse it for future builds. I have Linux so I think I can manage the installation and tweaking of the VESC. One other concern I have with this is that I heard Enertion shipping can take a very long time (I live in Canada).

The other option I was looking into was the Maytech VESC which is cheaper, but I heard is more unreliable. I don’t think I need FOC mode so maybe it would be a better choice to get this.

Batteries: I’m looking mainly at buying two of these:

I’m confused about the C rating about these however. I read all the battery guides and the consensus seemed to be that lithium ion is slightly better than lipo and will last longer? These also come with a charger so it seems like a good deal. If I run these in series it will provide 24V which I read is usually sufficient, and the 8000mAh is a good capacity. There’s no C rating I can see but I guess that its mainly for lipo and not lion batteries.

Drivetrain: From the drivetrain guide, it seemed a 5mm pitch was the best way to go, so I’m looking at buying these parts:

Pinion- Spur - Belt -

I’m not really sure how to mount this to the trucks, I read some guides saying I need to weld it but I’d like to avoid that if not absolutely necessary.

As an alternative, perhaps it would be better for a beginner to buy a drivetrain kit with a mount like this and avoid the issue of welding stuff on altogether?

Overall, I’m hoping I can get some pointers in the right direction, and if anyone has the time perhaps serving as mentor of sorts that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

@HillRipper21 How much is your budget for this? That dictates what we can recommend.

Average, not super important to me I just want to learn how to build. So I’d say anywhere between 300-600?

ok that battery is not suitable for eskate, maybe if you put 15 of those in parallel and then you have a voltage issue…not worth it The motor is also nut suitable

@HillRipper21 Just making sure you are looking for a single drive correct?

About kV: I think you got that one wrong. More kV actually means more speed and less torque. Depending on your gearing, 320 kV may be too much unless you plan to go super fast. This calculator is handy:

About VESC: You may want to look at the ESCape from @stewii, which is a great value for the money.

collections/featured-items/products/single-motor-mechanical-kit This is an option for pre-built. Then you don’t have to worry about any of the drive train not lining up which causes you to shred belts every 10 miles (I know from experience).

For the budget he is on a single 4.12 from for $91

Yes single drive

Oh this one looks pretty good, so it is actually a vesc then as it seems to be programmable. Thanks, I missed this when i was searching for vescs.

@HillRipper21 I would recommend a 6374 motor for a single drive.

-These ones are good although you need an adapter to mount the sensor wires. collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv -These are new to the market but appear to be decent for budget boards in your price range. You will need to make wire extensions for these motor wires though.

Yes, that has all the functionality of the vescs you are reading about here.

i recommend if you go single to get 15mm wide pulleys and belt for good brake performance. My first was 9mm and i regret that since it has shown me the limits rly fast.


@HillRipper21 I can second that. 9mm belts are not enough.

Liion Batteries mostly don’t give the C rating but the Amp rating…dunno why, probably since they are used more broadly than Lipos.

A few things that you didn’t include in your post to keep in mind. 1: Switches. Are you planning to do a keyloop (Inexpensive) or anti-spark switch (Super clean but $60) collections/electrical-connectors/products/on-off-power-switch-electric-skateboard 2: Charger. This depends on the voltage you use. If you use a 6s battery then you can use a knockoff lipo balance charger ( But if you want the higher power and speed of higher voltages, you need a BMS and computer style charger. with I recommend using higher voltages especially with a single drive. Edit: You also didn’t mention enclosure. Kydex and aluminum/plastic box products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s2p This is a great deal because you eliminate the need for a BMS and enclosure as they are included Edit: It also includes the nice on/off switch

@HillRipper21 You might check this out. collections/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit/products/pro1-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit I know it is pushing your budget but will eliminate a lot of problems down the road.

Enclosure can be done with fibreglas easily. There is so much too consider

We also forgot to mention remotes which are anywhere from $25-$60

i can second that, if you are completely new that kit is rly good. OR you can search here for used parts, there is alot of stuff being sold here.