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New Builder Parts Check and LCD question

Hi, I’m looking to start my first build in the next couple weeks I have been doing some research and have compiled, at least so far, an electronics parts list. I was wondering if someone with more knowledge could spot check me on these, and is this all I will need electronics wise?

Also I’ve noticed some builds with an LCD/LED screen mounted in the electronics casing. I’ve been wondering what that is? Battery Monitor? and how to incorporate it into my build.
Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

  • Justin

that’s exactly what it is. They’re great! you can program them to work with packs up to 14S and all you need to get them into a box is a dremel and some hot glue. You can connect the wires either to the ESC side of the switch you’re using or even to the motor controller power leads, so long as its not directly to the battery because then it will be always on even if your board is turned off. I wouldn’t connect it to your charge port though, i tried that temporarily to test something and the meter got pretty warm while charging.

Also i think you’ll be just fine with most of those parts but i’m not sure about the ESC you picked. I have no experience with them so i’m not sure if they’re really suitable. Most people use Car ESCs if they’ aren’t using a VESC or a Torqueboards.

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Does that work with li-ion?

Totally. That’s what i’m using it with now.

Thank you what kind of bms do you use? And does it matter what kind of bms for a sk3 6374?

i don’t think it matters what kind of BMS you use as long as it csan handle the amps you intend to draw. I usually just aim for complete overkill instead of trying to calculate exactly the most i’ll need and risk bumping up to the margin.

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Ok thank you this will be my first buil

Do you have a bms, battery pack and switch wiring diagram?

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Here’s a 10s diagram

It doesn’t show

Curious, what is a BMS? Also thanks @longhairedboy for the Batt monitor info!

Link fixed

@dstnceswmer They do a bunch of different things such as overcurrent, overdischarge, etc protection. Main purpose is to balance charge the batteries though.

Looks like you have a couple of issues with this line up.
Your battery looks like it could be a 6s2p or a 12s1p, Both choices would be out of optimal efficiency when used with that sweet 192kv motor. You would be much better off with a 10s battery. If you are going with Lipos, then two 5s packs would be perfect. Your esc is top end [email protected], so you might want to consider the choices available. Best to give yourself some wiggle room.
Check out this thread about the matter:

Also check out Ollinboardco!! Simply the best parts…

Hope that is helpful! :grin:

So is that not something that is necessary if you are using a balance charger such as the one I listed at the beginning of this thread?

It’s not necessary, just make sure you use a fuse and monitor your voltages carefully.

@Ulfberht Thanks for the info! I was planning on a 6s2p setup. I figured that would give a max current of (20C*5000mAh/1000)=100A with 22.2V well within the max tolerances of the ESC and motor. Are you saying it is out optimal efficiency since my voltage is lower? would it still be as strong as if I just had a motor rated closer to 6s? I was under the impression that as long as the motor rating was greater than the battery that you were good to go.

I’m not saying that it won’t “work”, but it will work much more optimally with a higher voltage. Also the higher the voltage, the less juice the motors will need to pull to do the same work. Also less heat will be produced. @22.2-24v that motor will get pretty hungry for juice and heat up pretty good. Unless you are a very lightweight person, I would suggest rethinking 6s, IMO. Check out that thread link, Chaka explains it all really well.

Ok thanks! I’l take a look into it, just was trying to hopefully keep costs down with a lower voltage ESC, but I’ll keep looking I guess.

So Would this be closer to Ideal then With either a 10s battery or two 5s’s in series?

What exactly are you referring to about monitoring the voltages and using fuses? Is this in regards to charging the batteries? Should this info be displayed on the charger or do I need to break out the DMM? Sorry for all the questions, I’m new to LIPO’s

Fuse for overcurrent protection. Monitoring voltage meaning not letting it completely die and damage the lipo.