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New builder wanting a Boosted style board. $1000 AUD budget

I live in Australia so budgeting is $1000 in AUD. I love the deck Boosted uses the loaded vanguard I believe. I have a few wants in this board:

I’m on the heavy side, 105kg or around 230lbs around that.

I don’t want the board to be too heavy like less than 10kg to lift around.

I’d like to go atleast 20mph, 25 would be awesome though. I’d love to get like 10-15 miles out of one charge too.

I see a lot of amazing builds here but I see that a lot of the wiring is not very low profile, I really like how boosted hides their cables and such so I’d say low profile look is what I aim for.

Is all this doable with $1000?

Edit: this is just going to be a commute board/hobby riding around town and such, so I’m not going to be doing any crazy Hill climbs and stuff.

Dual drive or single drive? 6s, 8s, 10s, or 12s? VESC or ESC? When you answer these questions we can see if your budget fits in.

Preferably dual but if mono gets the job done then that’d be alright. I’ll have to do my research first into the whole 8s,12s and ESC and VESC before I can answer though.

I would say: battery = 8S ans Motor about 200kv. Single drive is enough when you dont have many steep hills!

But he should do some research on his own.
To calculate the topspeed use the following calculator

[quote=“Airmacx, post:3, topic:4143”]
I’ll have to do my research first into the whole 8s,12s and ESC and VESC before I can answer though.
[/quote]I did not read your message and wrote my answer. But you are totally right. Just use the search function of this forum. Here are plenty of information :wink:

I would do research first to find what you want from the board. The way I see it, there are three options with your kind of budget:

  1. Long range build. 10000Mah will give you 10 miles of range, just wire 2 5000Mah batteries in parallel and hook em up to your VESCs and wire those to two decent motors (I would strongly recommend rear wheel drive)

  2. Speed build. Won’t get much range, but 22.2 volts from 2 5000Mah 3 cell batteries will easily get you up past 20 MPH. Unfortunately, range is harder to get with these types of builds. You could always hook up two more batteries in parallel to those for double the range, but then space will be limited on the bottom of the deck. This build is the closest to boosted that you’ll get.

  3. Off road build. This will probably be the easiest to go over budget with considering the best wheel hubs for pneumatic tired that I’ve found were 350 (From @psychotiller). Next, you’ll want at least 4 5000Mah batteries to cover this one. Dual motor recommended, and electronics should be mounted in between your legs on the board. It’ll be epic, but it’ll run you 1K easily

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All good. I just want to ask you if low profile cabling is possible? On the Boosted Board there’s very minimal cabling shown I know some is hidden under the grip tape, but is it a super hard process?

How much range van the speed build get me?

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With two batteries and no hills, 5-6 miles. With four batteries (two in series, two in parallel), 10-12 miles (sorry about any conversions, I don’t know how to make miles into kilometers)

Each battery is about 25 USD as well, you’ll want to keep that in mind

6S 10Ah (Parallel): 22,2V * 10Ah = 222Wh
12S 5Ah (Series): 44,4V * 5Ah = 222Wh
There is no difference in range.

I have two 6S 8Ah batteries in series and get about 15miles or even more. But maybe some other people can tell us some numbers. (Otherwise there is a thread about ride time)

I would try to setup the highest voltage you can afford but the esc will get more expensive too.

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With 1000 AUD, you can probably only do a single drive.

Complete board 175
Two hub motors. 200
Two vescs 220
Two 6s Hobbyking batteries. 100
The nices board for under 800$ USA

Im currently building a 42" flex2 vanguard on the endless sphere forums. 40km range, 45km topspeed, sunk in cables and carbon enclosures that allow flex. maybe have a look for inspiration :slight_smile:

board was 2nd hand but basically new: 100€
still had trucks and kegels
motor 1x sk3 6374: 80€
mount 1x enertion carbon aluminum hybrid 50€
15/36T 15mm pulleys that I still had from another build
10S4P DIY 18650 battery, about 200€ because I took LG HG2 cells
1x vesc 100€
2.4Ghz mini remote 60€
hard foam for laminating mold 5eur
carbon sheets for 2 enclosures & resin: probably about 30-40€, not factoring in my vacuum bagging equipment
some gold connectors and cables: 20€

total costs 650€ which is for some reason nearly exactly 1000AUD :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Whats your website?

I don’t have one yet. Just trying to sell them here for the moment at very cheap price. With garuantee of the steel price. Lifetime warranty on those. The aluminum are good but give it a year or two and I don’t trust them. I don’t trust anyone’s for sale.

Wow this is great! I was wondering how to get the cables nearly flat under the grip tape. I’ll definitely take a better look when I’m at a computer.

Copper sheeting is as good as it gets and thin as can be. Solder able

Vanguard builds are very popular!
So it is totally doable to get what you want just need to research a bit.
Type “vanguard” in the search to see what everyone is doing and get ideas!

Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of Vanguard builds. What I’m looking for is more of a low profile look? I’d like to see minimal cabling on the top or bottom of the board, maybe like how Boosted has some wires under the tape, or maybe a small wire on the bottom of the board. I saw this post that somebody linked in this thread and it showed they made custom housing for the batteries very much like Boosted.

I guess you could say I’m going for a Boosted Board clone, and yeah basically, coming from a previous user of the Boosted, I loved it, it was just the low range and some other specs that turned me off it, and wanting to go DIY,