New built, G160 245kv, 6S Turnigy Graphene

This Osprey Longboard I’m planning my first build, does anyone has used OSPREY longboards? It has 83mm wheels, maximum user weight is 100kg(I’m 81, 190cm). This board is available in my country(Poland) for around 130$, is it worth it?

I want to go with single 63mm (G160 245kv) motor and 6s setup(probably FVT 120A), HTD pulleys(20/40) and 15mm width HTD belt.

Thanks in advance, I will post some pictures when I collect all needed parts…

Basically you can use every longboard.

BUT what you have to consider is how you will attach the motormount and pulleys to the trucks and wheels. There is a reason why many people prefer Caliber trucks and flywheel/kegel Style wheels. It’s because there is a variety of mounts and pulley systems available that can easily be combined with them.

If you know how to build and use these things youself then you can go for it :slight_smile:

I don’t have experience with this specific brand so i can’t tell you if it’s a good board. Maybe you could order it and if it doesn’t fit you could send it back.

I’m planning to make my own alu motor mount, probably clamp-style. On the other hand nearby my place is nice workshop where they weld aluminium stuff.

I could order Paris trucks with flywheels but with shipping it would cost at least 110$ for 83mm and 120$ for 90mm wheels. And I will have to buy deck for another 100 or so…

Thanks for advice, there is big chance Ill orderd this longboard and see myself if it fits my needs…

It’s wheels do not have a hub so a wheel pulley would be a challenge to mount. Flywheels and kegels are mainly used for their hub which allows you to put bolts through. You can save money buying clone flywheels but I’ve never tried them.

I like challenges:) if I align pulley with wheel(both 8mm hole) I could drill trough both and use screws to link them.

Longboard is coming! :slight_smile: My idea is to fabricate wooden mount, check if everything is fine (proper belt tension etc.) and then use aluminium. Zop 12000mah 30C 6s what about this battery? Its quite cheap, probably has no more than 11000mah but still seems like a good deal. I’m thinking I could disassemble it and make much flatter…

I’m going to send back Osprey longboard and decided to not go so cheap so I bought already new Paris trucks and 12000mah 6s 15C Turnigy Graphene battery. Stil thinking what pulleys should I use: -my weight is ~80-81kg (180 pounds) -99% flat area -doesn’t care about top speed, I think 30km/h would be enough

Will 16/36 pulleys be fine for my purpose?

I’m also from poland, you can easly buy some good li-ion 18650 instead of those lipo( e-cigarets forums and others). Go with caliber trucks, there are few offers with freeshipping to poland on amazon. When it comes to mount you can easly fabricate it yourself with saw and drill. Drill should also solve your problem with wheels.

Why not this lipo? I will disassembly it and make it flat, will be easy to cover and won’t have to deal with much cell soldering. I did go with Paris trucks because I wanted round cross-section: will be easier to mount and set proper motor-deck angle.

I have used ZOP power lipos before in radio control airplanes and they were great, the 1500mah ones, I don’t know about the ones with a higher capacity though.