New Bustin 90mm Wheels, 81a, 54mm CP, Kegel Core (?) Thoughts?

FB_IMG_1545583577061 Hey guys, just a FYI just saw this on the Bustin FB page promoting their Duolomo. Looks to be a similar core to Kegels and Caguamas but will have to confirm. More wheels options are always a good thing! Can anyone with experience riding with bustin wheels comment on how their duros feel?


Don’t know anything about them but I can say that I certainly like the way they look :ok_hand:


They will be ugly orange in 1 mile ride

Interesting increase in kegal core

These caught my eye too. I’ve been riding some of Bustin’s 80A, 66mm wheels for about a year now almost every day. As campus cruiser/small commuter wheels, they’ve held up incredibly well. I was a little concerned about ride comfort with the harder duro, but I’ve had no issues, even on the rough roads where I live.

If these are the same core size as the Kegels, I’ll look into picking up a set. It’ll be interesting to see if Bustin decides to release these for individual sale or just keeps them for their Duolomo project.

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Hi, sorry if I misunderstand what do you mean increase in kegel core? Are you saying that the size of this core is bigger than kegel?

I meant increase in wheels using the kegal core