New chat window, disable


first, chat doesn’t work. when i try to say something the status circle just spins, message is not delivered.

for me, the chat window is open by default and comes back on every new page load.

i see there’s a setting to disable chat but change in setting does not persist.



Also, the admins can type in the chatbox because how the permissions are set up. You have to delete all of the messages or increase the 10k posting limit.

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Why hasn’t that been fixed? I’ve seen the system message about 10k, but that was forever ago. Why not just clone the thread and reset the chat?

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Im not saying that I know the ins and outs of esk8’s back end but I am a software engineer who has done a mandatory unit of web design in uni. Setting up a looping chat system that only stores the last 10k post limit should be easy to do.

Hell, even the sudocode is only 2 lines

If chatPosts >= 10,000 delete 100 chatPosts from bottom of data stack Done

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Not sure if this is what your talking about, but somebody please tell me how to stop the chat window from automatically opening each time I open the start page.

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Just don’t open the start page :sweat_smile:… Or use mobile version. There it will not happen. That’s what I do now because it’s a kind of annoying to always close it…

Ha, ha. I like to see what’s going on!

Unfortunately, on my iPad, mobile or desktop version, both open a new tab on the left of the page with the chat channel. I thought I might have done something by accident, but I can’t get rid of it.

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I removed it with stylebot extension

You can also use Adblock, a chrome extension.



is this going to be fixed, can we at least have the option to disable the thing? like i mentioned before it’s an option but does NOT save the changes.




@mmaner why don’t we just make a discord server?

Discourse is way better than discord. Plus, there exists already such a thing…

too much work for me

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Can we PLEASE turn this shit off, please?




yes pleaseee its so annoying.

What an annoying little fkr. Could anyone get rid of that stupid chat? Is of no use.

@onloop this is all you, bruh

This is the fourth-most annoying thing… ever

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I’m sorry guys… the moderators have tried to fix the chat issues, however unfortunately it won’t save changes for us either. The issue can only be fixed between Jason and the software people behind this forum.

That chat is like a big middle finger to all the regulars. Can’t believe it’s still there.

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Disabled that shitz, hope it solves your woe