New Circular Truck Motor Mount $40 SHIPPED - PICTURES!

hopefully one of the last renders before milling starts, ive got one buyer right now, guess paris trucks are a thing of the past :pensive:

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I like them better than calibers :blush:

That makes 2 :wink:

Oh also: forgot to say, I redesigned the mounting plate to have scrape guards for the motor so if you hit a massive curb it won’t destroy your motor. And it looks better in my opinion :wink:

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There’s the final design!

Wasn’t able to mill anything today but now I’ve got 3 days to try to figure out fusion CAM :joy:

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Would anyone be interested in a mount if it came with an adjustable idler? Kinda like @Lionkev55’s mounts

It would only cost about $5 more per mount for an idler

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Assembled without a belt. That’s an APS 6384 (thanks @anon42702729). If everything goes well I will be able to mill a few this week on the manual mill

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I’ve changed the shape of the arm a bit just to make milling faster and easier since I have moved to a manual mill since the school with a manual mill has the right mills to cut aluminum so I don’t have to wait for the carbide mills to come in. I’ll update later today when I have a definite time

What’s happening with this?

If your talking about milling: The teacher that would let me in to use the manual mill hasn’t been at school the past couple days…

I reaaaalllly want one or two of these done :sob:

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You’re going to try and manually mill this?

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Well… yes. I have optimized the design for a manual mill (took out tiny corners, added straight lines). The holes will be done with a drill press.

Will be a hell-uv-a job… good luck :thumbsup:

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Yea it sure will be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If it goes well and the prototypes work I will send the files to a local machine shop and get them to do a couple (probably about 5 for Paris and 10-15 for caliber)

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Hey man, can I offer a suggestion? I know you are strapped for cash, but I would recommend holding off accepting orders until you have the mount machined and tested. Once you get it milled, you probably will need to make some revisions. Speaking from personal experience, it took me two iterations of both the mount and clamp to come up with a solid design that didn’t slip. Something that works perfectly on the bench and feels completely secure might fail in two blocks (like mine did)

It doesn’t seem like you are very close to having a final product. You mentioned using a local machine shop, but I think you may have a hard time getting them professionally machined while still meeting your $40 shipped price. Have you gotten quotes yet? Machinists are more expensive than you might think

Do you happen to have access to a waterjet? It would be a cheaper alternative to CNC milling

You can do the holes on the mill too

haha yea haven’t taken a dime from anyone yet. I think the clamps will actually be done on a lathe. Little do you know this is Clamp MK19 and Arm MK27 :wink:

Milling can be done quickly and easily since I have access to tons of things (lathes, cnc, manual mill, laser cutter, 3d printers). Machine shop was only mentioned in the case that I get like 50 orders or something crazy.

I also know holes can be done with the mill but it would be crazy hard to get a perfect circle using a manual mill…

Alright peeps. We are making progress, slowly but surely. I have decided to use the schools lathe for making clamps, should be much easier than a drill press and can be accomplished in 2 cuts.

thinking of using that to cut the outer diameter and a run-of-the-mill (pun intended) 18mm drill bit for the inner clamp part that fits over the truck. The other three holes will still be done with drill press but they should be super easy

I would put a idler on it then it was be the bee’s nuts

Add an idler and youd be flooding with money lol

will do

be on the lookout