New Circular Truck Motor Mount $40 SHIPPED - PICTURES!

Add an idler and youd be flooding with money lol

will do

be on the lookout

added an idler to the design. since it is last minute the idler will be optional. if you would like, I can supply a mount with an idler, ready to roll for an added cost.

milling should begin on monday. might take a bit to get a fully functioning mount.

Would these compatible with racerstar 5065.

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unfortunately, no. I may be able to make an adapter for 50xx motors if your interested

nice amped to see these

Milling should be happening on Thursday! Get ready everyone!

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OH MY GOD! yesterday I had to clear off my desktop and in the process I accidentally permanently deleted a lot of folders, one of those folders being the one with all 34 versions of the arm and 27 versions of the clamp in it…

I have a good idea of what they both look like in my head so I should be able to reproduce them pretty easily, nonetheless, I’m still pissed

turns out my files were part of this:

You may be able to find the files in the hidden recycler folders if they didn’t permanently delete.

Go to C:/Recycler and check for the file there. You will have to enable: view > Options > View > Show hidden files and folder. Also uncheck the “don’t show system files or folders” box.

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nah unfortunately they were permanently deleted. fortunately I had the 3d prints that I could use for measurements. making them after school today!

the first blank has been made! finishing the arm and maybe the clamp on monday! then wednesday I should be able to crank out about 5 of them!


Should have used Fusion360 files saved in the cloud :stuck_out_tongue:


fusion sucks tho :wink:

Hahahaha :joy:

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haha no but for real, I have all my Inventor files save straight to my drive except my drive is full at the moment and I didn’t realize until a few minutes ago

@mmaner @stormboard1 @joeadams101 @darkkevind @anon42702729 @Hummie i think you were in here before :face_with_monocle: it’s finally coming together!


wonder how it will do on different trucks.

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wondering the same thing…

i’ll try to design some different clamp styles for different trucks

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I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that :sweat_smile:


i’ll stand by that statement until I die :yum: