New custom battery build

Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well right now and having a great time!

I’m currently planning out my 12s battery (2p or 4p depends on the cells) and doing a lot of research on the topic, which gave me a lot of confusion…

My current set-up is:

Motors: Dual 6374 170kv

VESC: Focbox Tenka

And also, I think of using 200mm all-terrain wheels (pretty much the same as on mountain boards) Problem number one – the choice of the batteries:

While researching that, I’ve narrowed down my choice to 3 batteries

  1. Samsung 40T 21700– (which technically is better at everything and is apparently cheaper than 30Q)
  2. Samsung 30Q 18650
  3. Samsung 25R 18650

Can you give me any sort of advice on which ones would be better to use in my case? And if I’m going to be using 40T, should the battery be 2p or 4p? Because I’ve found a wonderful set of videos on battery building by Dr. E Skateboard – he makes 2p out of 21700.

And problem number two (as mentioned above), I’m unsure how many cells should I go in parallel with – 2p or 4p. I’ve read that going with more can be pointless in some cases, so I’m unsure whether it’s my case or not…

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If you want longer range and more current flow, add more p-group. I definitely recommend samsung 40T just because it can give the power you want and it’s just a better battery over your 2 other choices. If you made the 2p 40T, you’ll have 70A of power, but getting more p group will increase it and the distance you travel. Up to you.


The only thing that surprises me is that it’s cheaper than 30q for some reason; that’s why I doubted getting them and was awaiting some underwater stones.

30Qs are actually on back order, which is why it costs more. It’s rarely being made/ being sold out too quickly.

take lishen 4500 13.5A grade A

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What about Molicell P42A? They have similar capacity and come for a similar price than 40T with higher discharge rate.

Lishens seem a great deal with great capacity, but isn’t their discharge rate too low for dual 6374?

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P42a is great. I don’t know about the other one however.

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