New custom battery for sale 12s5p

This battery is brand new. I purchased it from psychotiller with hopes to make a board and resale… never panned out and I’ve sold most of the other parts already. This is a 12s5p 30q 18650 battery with charge only bms. Price is $460 and shipping in US only for free.



Yeah great I’m moving to the states. Don’t care what the wife says she doesn’t have to come. Great price great product and I’m in aus. :disappointed_relieved:


Imma just follow you around this forum and like every comment complaining about living in Australia :stuck_out_tongue:


Its frustrating living in paradise when your passion is best served in the us.


So it was described to me from a friend that lived in Perth that the heat there can only be described as melting. Like 24/7 melting. Oh look, ice cream! Nope. Its melted…

Edit for on topic: nice :battery:

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ifkr… everything’s in the states…

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No charge port, power switch or battery gauge? Charger?

Just the battery

How do you charge it ?

With a charger I think /s

It’s $55 more plus shipping costs and you have to wait 2 weeks to a month. I ship out soon as payment is made. Also he does not offer warranty on the On off switch (which are known to blow, that’s why he doesn’t offer warranty on them) and also the warranty on his batteries are case by case basis… the battery gage and chargers are very cheap (no disrespect towards psychotiller I like him a lot.) this battery is for someone who is looking to save a little bit and not wanting to wait and again it’s brand new

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How come? Evolve, Enertion, Bajaboard, FiiK, Epic, Board Bumpers, etc, etc, all are from Australia?? On top of that, China is very close, sooo??

I think he’s referring to the DIY section specifically

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What a great deal wish I was caught up on my current bills to snag this.:smiley:

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Still available? And does it come with everything psychotiller usually ships it with?

It comes with just the battery, but if you need a charger and the charger port I can throw that in for free… I think I might have the on off switch laying around as well