New deck, help me decide

I’m looking at new decks…can’t decide. The deck is for use with @psychotiller 6in AT wheels. I plan on using Paris 195’s and fabing my own mounts (welded or not?).

I would like to stay under 33in but it’s​ not imperiitive. I’d also like it to be as wide as possible. How wide can I get without wheel bite? I like the Jet Potato shape, but 29in is too short for me.

I figured I’d get some community help. Any suggestions?

This is what I’m looking at.

I got those wheels to work on a longboard by using Gullwind Sidewinder 2 trucks, and having a deck with a thin nose and tail. Without the Gullwing trucks pushing the wheels away from the board, they always hit the sides when turning, even if i used risers or wedges.

The Landyachtz is a 9" wide board, and the crappy eBay one is 10".

I thing @psychotiller cut into his deck to give them enough room, looks pretty good though.

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I’m trying to not use a deck with a thin nose and tail, I just don’t like them. The LY Top Speed is a decent comprise. For this build I want to use the Jet Potato’ish shape but doesn’t have to be that deck.

With the Paris 195 trucks I’ve got some extra width, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get past wheel bite issues.

I got one of these, 10 ply Canadian maple 38" x 9.8". The nose has a rounded point but it is still pretty wide It has a fairly flat bottom to accommodate batteries and electronics. And an adjustable wheelbase. Medium concave, no rocker.

More from Kebeck:

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Cool, I’ll chem them out.

@mmaner without wheel cutouts I think you’re going too need wider trucks than paris 195s. My 195s with 5" wheels needed a cutout deck to have any reasonable turning radius. Unless you want to use 3" truck risers :slight_smile:

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I’m with you on this topic, I like my decks wide from front to back. And with 1/2" risers and 83mm wheels I get no wheel bite even when doing hard carves.

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Lol, I’d rather not :grinning:.

I may have to with big cutouts, just investigating other options, if any.

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I´d take the Holesom Saturday Night Special, this looks dope! Using some dremeling if needed :wink:

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It is a sweet deck, I’m leaning towards the Bangger 32, but cant make up my mind. Ive 3 boards in the works right now and 2 that I’m riding.

I think, with some more reading, the biggest question I have, is how do you mathematically define wheel-bite or not? Is there a specific lean angle you measure against with trucks and deck?

I would be opting for the Banger 32. Love the dark wood, and the very nice/bold shape.

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