New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review

Hi. yes, my mount will work fine with a 44 Caliber II. Sorry, only have blue now!

Does the caliber also fit tb218? What is the maximum wheel pulley size? Do you still sell them with the bearing kit for belt tension and the back plate?

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

Hi. to fit TB218, need to file a little bit on the insert fixer. the maximum wheel pulley size is 44T. yes, I still sell the bearing kit for belt tension and the back plate.

Got the mount, pulley and the cover today. Packed super neatly and securely, the shipping was quite fast (3 weeks). 3d print is a bit rough, but everything looks amazing. Thanks again! 15548360495685015660555205414966


I put mine on TB mounts by opening the clamp with the coin method just enough to position the mount on the truck. Just take out clamp screw and insert it through the oposite hole and use a coin. image image image image image


By doing this method you dont have to file anything ruining the mount or the truck hanger.


I have 2 paris style motor mounts, anyone know where i can get paris style trucks that are longer then 180mm? Trying to rear mount two motors.

Any chance anyone in the US sells these? Hate waiting for shipping, i live in cali.

I could send you with fast shipping

How much for 2 mounts with bearing kit and back plate, shipped to Norway?

2 mounts with bearing kit and back plate, shipped to Norway, by USPS total 45us.


I forgot to specify. Does it fit 2 hobbyking sk8 6374 motors side by side with 15mm belts? Is this price for the short or long version? I’d like the long ones.
How do I place an order?

not sure about sk8 6374 motors with 15mm belts, depends on which truck.

the long mounts are in here:

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do you still do a short mount for paris?

EDIT: I know its prob only me asking for this one lol :slight_smile:

Nah, there’s still a few of us that use Paris…I just got a pair of Paris mounts of Dicky

It’s still on the tb218 truck. :slightly_smiling_face: How do I select bearing kits and back plate on the eBay listing?

@ sk8l8r,@ ZachTetra

yes, I still sell paris short mount. Just I have a revised version now, will put pictures here later. and all my mounts will use good material now.


Sorry, I still have not list the idler on ebay yet. could you pay 2us on this link ,along with the long mount order?

here is the idler for 15mm belt. 6876879

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